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My experience with these people was painful.

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Published: 11 June 2019

Posted by: Denise

Yakima Secure Storage isn’t worth your time. This place needs to work on improving their rental trucks and the storage units’ sizes. The spaces are small and they just shove in all of your belongings in there making it all crammed up. They provide you the facility of rental trucks as well but don’t get them. Find someone else or get some other service provider but don’t get their rental trucks. They behave unprofessionally and don’t care about your stuff. A lot of my things have been damaged because of the poor handling of the same. They don’t accept their faults and they don’t care if you lose a bunch of valuables. They charge you as if they are some premium and exclusive service providers while they lag behind in every area of their business. They can also work a little on improving their customer service. But the moving staff and the storage space are so bad that they overshadow their terrible customer service. I can’t explain how horrible my entire experience was. But seeing how they have created a solid reputation online, it’s important for me to share my story. Otherwise, you’d never know how pathetic these people can be. I wouldn’t anyone else going through the same painful experience as I went through.

I found out about these people when I was looking for a new place to move to. I got a storage unit here and hired a rental truck to get my stuff there. The truck was supposed to arrive at 3:00 but it arrived t 7:00. Their excuse was, ‘they were stuck in traffic’. There wasn’t that much traffic. They could’ve at least made a better excuse. But they are too lazy for that. They started putting my stuff in the truck and I was pointing them out which boxes contained fragile things. They didn’t listen. One of them dropped a box which contained plenty of fragile things. I was infuriated. They started telling me that such stuff happens so I shouldn’t worry. I still went ahead and took my things to the storage unit. There, I was taken to a really small and crammed up space. It was too small for my things. When I asked them if they had anything bigger they refused. So they just shoved in all the boxes and things, like it was a closet of some messed up teenager. I not only lost a bunch of valuables but I was also irritated by their behavior. They didn’t apologize for any of their mistakes. If someone breaks your clock, the least you expect is an apology, don’t you? And I didn’t even get that from those people. They charged me the full amount and I left that place as soon as I could. I didn’t want to see those people and face a whole new problem. I’d suggest finding some other secure storage where your stuff can remain peacefully and you don’t have to worry about it getting broken because of some guy’s mistake.

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