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Published: 14 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Went in to fix my Galaxy S3 phone when the new S4 phones came out at Cricket. The had them on sale so I decided to see if I could get one. The phone was on sale for $299 and the customer clerk said they had new load company that I could get a loan without a credit check. I said was it like Progressive and they said “no”. They told me what I needed to have and had it so they put it through and I was approved. The total was $325 and I made my first payment of $53 and future payments would be 56.96 until phone was paid off. Since all of this was done off a computer, I don’t remember even signing for the loan but they marked it some kind of way on the computer. No contract was printed for me but only my new phone was given and I was sent on my way. Today is April 17th and I thought my phone should’ve been paid off but all of sudden a text came through saying a payment was taken out. I called and said wait a minute my phone should be paid off. They said no, you missed the 90 day cut off date. I said what 90 day cut off date. She explained well you needed to pay your phone off in 90 days off or it goes into a year contract. I said I was never explained that. I requested to speak to a supervisor. I was given to a gentleman who claimed to be a supervisor then he tried to explained to me to no avail. Then he said he isn’t a supervisor that he would send me to collections and maybe they can help me. They said I could resolve it by paying my phone off with an additional $211 on top of the $325+ I have already paid. I requested to speak to the supervisor again. She gave me to another supervisor and he said the same thing plus he said they don’t make arrangements and that they are a collections agency and they will harrass me and call me continuously until I pay it off. I tried to explain it to him that I did not receive a contract and he said that it was not their fault and I told him it was not my fault. I said all of this was done by computer. He did a sarcastic sound on the phone and I told him I will think further of what I need to do. He told me to have a good day. .

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