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Don’t ever go to Yoga Hive Colorado because the trainers could be the worst enemy of yours.

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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I was having a life full of stress, anxiety, and depression because of my additional office work and being the only person to run the house. I decided to give this life full of distress a bit of relief and rest, therefore after thinking a lot and finding the best cure for my problem I decided to join the Yoga Hive Colorado to give keep my mind mentally calm and free of stress. The yoga class seemed to release all kind of stress for the first few days and it worked well for me until a new yoga trainer joined in and I was shifted to his batch. I chose the morning batch to be fresh and stress-free from the beginning.
Things didn’t go well with the new trainer as he was not eligible for being a yoga teacher. He was always in a very bossy mood and dominated upon every one of us. Once because of a family function I was up late at night and wasn’t able to get up early in the morning the next day, for that I was punished outside the class for the whole day. After pleading to the teacher and telling him the difficulty I faced last night I requested him to let me do my yoga today, but he didn’t even listen to me even once. I continued coming to yoga classes because it was the only way to burst my daily stress and anxiety. The behavior of the teacher didn’t bother me much, I focussed on my yoga and carried on. One another day it happened that my daily yoga outfit was out for a wash in the laundry so I decided to wear the other suitable outfit but the yoga teacher didn’t seem to like him so he again kept me outside the class and after the class was over he called me in and set an example in front of my class fellows and humiliated me in front of them with a long lecture. I was very much frightened and annoyed by now and started hating the teacher very much. I couldn’t say a word because he was the head. Another incident happened when I forgot to bring the mat along with me because I was in a hurry, this time he seemed very much furious and thrashed me in front of everyone and again humiliated me, he could have given me another alternative mat instead for a day but he didn’t.
I immediately went to the office and canceled my subscription and filed a complaint against such a brutal yoga teacher. He didn’t make my life stress free instead he was the new reason I was always in stress for quite a few days. I could never bear such humiliation from a yoga teacher. This yoga teacher should be fired as soon as possible or every second member of this club would cancel their subscription. Stay away from such kind of brutal human being who is responsible for making your life a living hell.

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