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The studio is not clean and does not have a good appearance.

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Published: 29 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

YogaBody Studios is not a good place for classes. Fees are charged for a week and is the principle of the company. People are not friendly.

Both studios are not kept well, and I did not feel comfortable in classes. No cooling system and the place got warmer each day at YogaBody Studios.

There is no respect for others at YogaBody Studios and no calm and relaxed feeling to perform classes. People walk in the studio and continue loud chats, and this is not acceptable at yoga classes.

No one should be loudly chatting amongst themselves when in yoga classes. It is rude and annoying. I did not find this behavior pleasant.

It is challenging and interesting to know how I was affected by the classes at YogaBody Studios. The practice was good but too many people don’t care for the needs of others in classes.

I paid for classes and expect my needs to be met and it is unpleasant for others to disturb my peace at YogaBody Studios.

I did not feel the warmth when I entered the room. A weird feeling came over me, negative energy and I don’t see progress at YogaBody Studios.

Classes are worth taking when the best styles of yoga make the moment feel relaxed and calm. The tone of voice is not perfect for the cues of breathing, and styles of classes. I would not take classes with YogaBody Studios for leaving me unsatisfied in classes. Based on better sequence, and better-formed styles I would enjoy classes.

There is a lack of confidence in the instructor performances.

A solid and confident instructor is suitable for classes. I want an experienced and respectful instructor to take me through classes at YogaBody Studios.

I do not recommend YogaBody Studios, for the lack of patience, the poorly qualified instructors, also, they are less confident and weak, the bad customer’s service, for the disrespectful staff and some clients, for the lack of interest in perfect yoga classes, for the no breathing practices, and for not assisting clients in classes.

Every part of this studio needs to be updated. It is not fair to clients to perform classes in poor conditions. Mats are not spacious for people.

It is disappointing in classes at YogaBody Studios for the lack of clean facilities and the unqualified instructors.

The bad quality of teaching yoga at YogaBody Studios is from the broken promise of the owner. The yoga classes are not a priority, and the workouts are more of a focus. I do not recommend the YogaBody Studios for the shady business deals they offer to yoga clients. It is of no purpose to yoga when the owner prefers gym workouts at the studio.

Unfortunately, yoga classes don’t satisfy my needs and I won’t go back to experience the negative energy.

Instructors don’t have a clue of yoga styles and this is what makes it uncomfortable to perform classes at YogaBody Studios.

Instructors are not knowledgeable, and the facility is not clean.

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