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Published: 22 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I was spoofed by Eileen while she was working as a counter girl at a massage sweat shop. I was new to the area and took what I could to get started. She calls me and offers me a job at her new salon & spa. I take it because as anyone in this industry knows if you work for tips and the front desk collects them you are getting them as they get stolen. So it was time for me to go; I join her; her shop is dead dead dead. I came with a following that continued to grow as new and more referrals were coming in from local hospital systems. I get 1099’s I made $9000 in 3 mos at sweat shop I make $3900 in 6 mos at her salon. As anyone in the business can see no one can live off this small salary. I was able to afford to hang out and continue to help her grow her business and share my income with her while paying to live and work full time at the end of the month with such a small salary. We’re moving along business is going good; then bam! her on again off again relationship turned into daily drama soap opera in the salon hits a new lever and I get an elaborate message from her boyfriend depicting all that she was conspiring again me to fire me; take all my clients by locking me out of the system; hiring Justin a therapist from Jacksonville to replace me as he will work for 40%; she offered him to live in the salon in one of the rooms; and many colorful character bashing comments about me. I did nothing I blew it off; I already knew the creature I was working with. Many years in mental health afforded me insight to who she really is from Hello! For over a month I kept quiet and the got back together and broke up another 3 times roughly. Another message comes with the normal slander and paraphrased commentary from Eileen thru the ex boyfriend but this time it specifically mentions information about a stylist who rents a booth in her salon. I need to prefice I had been telliing her for months I need to make a move to make more money. I looked and looked and had over 3 office fall thru due to bidding wars. So I was able to secure an office behind the building this salon in. By invitation and by influence of all my clients really wanting to see me in my own office and out of that noisy caddy salon. So I’m in my office after receiving the second message. I get a visit from the facial lady upset about stolen tips and eileen. She said she was going home to talk about it with the stylist who rents. I said I had no idea you two were friends! She said oh yes. So I said ok well then as per the message “oh by the way if you see deb let her know this” I gave delia the part of the message that only pertained to her. I stated to both of them with such great emphasis please keep this to yourselves she’s not worth getting into a fight with just be enlightened and proceed with caution. I get a call from the stylist I tell her the same thing she agreed. Then admits the next day she couldn’t as she did share confidential information with Eileen that appears was not so confidential. So the next day get another message from boyfriend asking me if I used his name? as she was texting him wanting to know if he said anything as the stylist could not contain and text eileen to say “we need to talk about the stuff your saying about me”. Eileen text her boyfriend he text me I text stylist; stylist calls me and says ‘yes I did she knows who she said all this too she’s just trying to perfect herself”. Next thing I know I’m getting a call the next morning (Tuesday) asking me “why her shop door was wide open” I said I don’t know I have not been there” she said “Yes you were you were the last one here on Sunday. I had two regular clients on Sunday that come together; We all walked out together and they stood there why I locked the door. Before I could answer her text back. She calls me and preceeds to cuss me out and yell; so I met her at her hostility and gave it right back to her.. She is a bully and thinks she is someone much better and above most. She is quite not well. So in summary she owes me 3 weeks worth of pay generated from MY clients purchases totalling over $1200 and she refuses to pay. With her business failing still manages to muster the slanderous strenght to call old employers, call clients any thing she can do to garner a team on herside as she is that insecure she cannot stand it alone. For over 50 she is quite childish and gets many comments to me from people about her childing 19 yo girl choice in clothes. She says she is getting Congratulated for getting $150 for hair in South Pasadena; I had to intervene and say no. So I gave her a recent complaint about her cost in TOTAL CONFIDENCE and she agreed to hold confidence. I come out of a session; she called the woman and put her on the spot. I agree with past comments about cleanliness. She does not like to clean and might even be regarded as a horder which are depicted in the photo’s sent to me in the elaborate large message of how he was living for 8 mos prior to moving out. She would sit in that shop all day with no one; I get there for an afternoon appointment all the towels and sheets dirty. As much as she touts ‘MY Salon, MY business in winter park, MY trip to Italy, MY Employee even tho i’m a 1099 sub contractor. MY MY MY everything is her’s and anyone involved with her are idiots. Even tho I have more degrees than her more money and more class than to behave the way she has in this whole situation.. You see the element of surprise was mine. Until recently she was slandering and politicking and making a genuine a** out herself and did not know why.. thought I was the one gosspping about her. When I had no choice to let her know which is everything depicted here. She started playing back my words I used on her in response.. She is a sick women; I liken her to a mental patient so I tried using que and prompts to stop her violent rage on text. It worked because she echo them back today. Please get help! anyone else be warned she is not a positive environment. .

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