Yong In Master Lee's Taekwondo

Yong In Master Lee's Taekwondo Review

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Published: 19 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have been trying for 4 months now to get out of her contract. I lost my job, and moved, and injured my knee (according to them one of the above would get me out of hmy contract) Just prior to the second payment coming due, I realized I had forgotten to give my 30 day cancelation notice and would have to just eat the fee for this month. I called them up, and told them I needed to cancel my contract. “No problem” was the reply “we will get that taken care of for you.” The next month comes around, another payment is taken from her account. So I go in and talk to them. They say “we couldn’t remember if you wanted to cancel your account or suspend your account” AGAIN she lets them know what has happened, she had moved, and lost her job, and has injured her knee. Now they throw in the fact that she has to move over 20 miles from their location. (She lives by the Airport, and they are clear the freak in Eagle) It may be less than 20 miles, but it takes almost a hour to drive that trip one way! She is working on a dr note. It is not like you can just get right in and see a specialist. They convinced me just suspend her account, (actually I had to agree or they were going to have me in tears right then and there because they just wouldn’t listen to me) I kept telling them, even thought I love tae kwon do 1-I have injured my knee and am unable to come in. 2- I moved, I am about an hour away, and I can’t afford the time or gas to drive down here and do this, even if my knee felt better. 3- I lost my job, and again just can afford it. They told me that the last (the 3rd payment) they took would either cover the cancellation fee, or the next month if she wanted to start up again. 2 months later after initial visit, then x-ray, the visit, the MRI then visit, she takes in a note saying I can no longer do Tae Kwon Do. Now 1 month later yep they take more money. When I took in the DR note I was told that there was a 10.00 fee for processing, but since I paid for 2 months and never came in they would try to wave that fee, then all of the sudden I am with ANOTHER 147.00 charge! Now they are claiming that once the Dr. note came in that is when the 30 day notice kicks in…REALLY YOU have got to be kidding me! They kept saying well we thought you were going to get better and work things out and then come back….SERIOUSLY WHAT PART OF CANCEL MY CONTRACT ARE THE NOT GETTING!!! I have s paid the cancellation fee, lost her job, and I feel I live too far away to attend classes, work, and go to school. All we are asking for is the last payment that was taken out of her account, nothing else, even though the cancellation fee has now been paid 3 times over!

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