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My friend fell for their hook and lived to regret it!

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Published: 15 October 2018

Posted by: ethan

Beware of Yoobly Inc. These guys are basically taking MLM companies for a ride, particularly those who are looking for guidance on setting up an online system for lead capturing. They will give you a hook which my friend fell for. They will highlight one successful individual who made it big by using their special system. They will also promise total returns on the investment that you make within 6 months itself. They will then take $4, 500 like they did from my friend and then you will see the abysmal performance of the system. Their initial coaching will seem really good. You will be setting up your own landing page for which several hours will have to be spent along with creating an e-book and several e-mail responders. They will also help you set up Facebook ads for hundreds of dollars and most of these will not work at all as you will find out in terms of generating useful leads. They will tell you to keep testing the waters until you finally get an ad that gets you solid returns.
Truth is, this never happened with my friend and it will not happen for you as well. When you start asking questions about the results, they will stop answering to your emails. This is exactly what happened to my friend. They also stopped allowing my friend to book appointments for coaching, threw him out of the Facebook group and ensured that he could not negatively respond on their running advertisements so that they could keep drawing more unsuspecting people. The concept is good and if they actually fulfilled their promises, my friend and other people would have been really satisfied with the results. That is the tragedy of it all.

Even other people have fallen for their empty promises. One person I know, also shelled out $4, 500 only to get zero results. He was told that he did not commit sincerely to the program by Yoobly as a reason for the failure of the system that was set up. Justin Briley, the owner of the company, does an excellent presentation via the sales webinar and this makes huge promises. There was another person who signed up and paid the special fee of $194 as compared to the $288 regular charge. A guy called and scheduled for another person to interview this customer on the phone. In this interview, the goals were asked and the coaching package was sold which required $4, 199 over and above the money already paid.

As per what this person found, all their programmes are supposed to be included in the price as per the webinar released by the company. This guy got only 15-30 coaching sessions and only four at that. These involved setting up two Facebook ads and spending more than $80 to get a single lead. They also kept telling this person to keep attending the webinars every day which are really the same and to keep investing more to see which ad finally works out. Even this individual certified that all negative comments are blocked on the company’s Facebook ads. I reiterate my perception based on what happened to my friend- at the price that you pay and the so-called coaching sessions that you get, you will get absolutely ZERO results. Please do not fall prey to Yoobly’s tactics.

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