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Published: 14 December 2017

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This report is being made after hearing stories from victims of this Russian/Ukrainian scam artist that has made it here to America. This is to protect not just men from forming a relationship with this woman but also to protect anyone who may come in contact with her. This is a brief story of her history that’s been witnessed by many “pillars of the community”. This is not an attack in anyway but this report is necessary since history shows Hanna Kubyshkina A/K/A Anya Kubyshkina hasn’t deviated from her plan of destroying those who are gullible enough to “fall” for her. Investigators have found ads she posted on Craigslist personals. She prostitutes and these ads will be used as evidence in a family law hearing in June 2014. Hanna Kubyshkina A/K/A Anya Kubyshkina grew up in the Ukraine with her brother and parents. Around 1989 when the USSR fell her family went broke overnight. Her father died of alcoholism in 2006 and her brother a drug overdose. Her family was starving around year 2000 and she wanted out. She paid a company to take her photograph and post a “Russian Mail Order Bride” advertisement. A future victim who almost lost it all including hais freedom name S L responded to her ad and they started corresponding. He started making trips to the Ukraine to see her and she put on enough of a show to cause him to fall in love with her. In Ukraine young women weren’t allowed to leave the country so Kubyshkina sneaked over the border to Poland to the US Embassy to get a fiance visa which unfortunately was granted by Homeland Security which is supposed to protect America from these predators. The about to be husband/victim and Kubyshkina flew to Fort Worth, Texas were he lived. As soon as Kubyshkina moved in with S L the fighting that never occurred in the Ukraine started. The Lambert family who initially liked Kubyshkina started to have some serious concerns. Valuables started missed from the home that Kubyshkina denied stealing. Her attitude turned cold towards Lambert and his family. The couple had to get married within three months of entry to the United States or Kubyshkina’s finance visa would expire requiring her to return to the Ukraine. They got a legal marriage by the Tarrant County Justice of the Peace turning her visa into a Green Card. The night they got married Kubyshkina took off with Russian individuals that are identified in private investigator files as being know organized crime figures. She started cheating on her husband (now exhusband) and disappearing with no contact for weeks at a time. S L filed for divorce and then Kubyshkina tried to get half his assets. S L was a prominate CPA who was wealthy and Kubyshkina was claiming half of everything even though they were married (but separated) only for several months. The court was going to rule that she not receive anything except a car she already had in her possesion. Texas allows no alimony unless there was a crime of rape/assault in the marriage. Kubyshkina learning this was the law from known Russian Mafia who know all the scam tactics decided to frame S L She began acting nice and decent hoping her ex husband would decide to drop the divorce. It worked. S L asked the court to dismiss his divorce case against her which was granted. With the divorce being dropped Kubyskina waited for her ex husband to come home one night and then called the police saying she raped her. She called the police as he walked through the front door. He never raped her S L was arrested by Dallas PD on a false felony rape charge. The next day in court the district attorney didn’t even believe Kubyshkina was raped,. They dropped the felony charge and offered him a plea bargain of misdemeanor class c assault (same level as a speeding ticket). He took the plea bargain even though his attorney, Mark Robinius (now defending another future victim of Kubyshkina..(Robinius claims Kubyshkina is the worst of the worst dating scammer)..S L jumped at the offer of class c assault because he couldn’t be a CPA with a felony. S L filed for divorce again and it was granted. In Texas alimony is granted if there’s assault charge against the other ex spouse. Hanna Kubyshkina was granted $1500/month alimony. She scammed the system and got $1500/month alimony wich paid for her to get through Southern Methodist University where she got her bachelors degree in public policy (she uses her degree to scam the government. A future victim, R V H , was charged with false assault and arrested because of a false accusation by Hanna Kubyshkina.. His charge was dismissed by the Garland, Texas court because of her credibility and the municipal judge’s doubts about her honestly accusing S L in the past. Hanna Kubyshkina claims her ex husband, S L, even shot at her with a sniper rifle in a apartment complex she lived in after the divorce. There’s no police report of this incident. R V H, a future victim, has all the reports of calls to 911 in Dallas and Garland, Texas she made. There’s about 300 police reports she caused from both jurisdictions, Each report says ?no crime committed” or “unfounded”. The police don’t beleive her anymore. It’s unusual for the same thing to happen to the same person so many times! In september 2010 she met R V H on (another victim she scewed over more than S L. R and Hanna Kubyshkina met at the Galleria Mall in Dallas, Texas and she acted so sweet during a six hour dinner talking. Ryan fell in love with Hanna Kubyshkina and after three dates he moved into her house at 3905 Greensboro Circle, Garland, TX to live with her. Ryan started a a company that did litigation/trial support services hoping to give Hanna Kubyshkina and himself a better life. She was on her best behavior for several months and Ryan asked Kubyshkina to marry him. They got engaged then Kubyshkina’s mental health issues came out. Ryan noticed she had lithium (a bipolar medication) and Zyprexa (a powerful antipsychotic) in her medicine cabinet. Her psychiatrist diagnosed her with bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. Her psychiatrist didn’t beleive she was taking her medication and wanted her a blood test for the levels of these medications in her system. (she refused). Every ten days (like clockwork) she became manic and started a fight with Ryan or went out in the neighborhood to fight with a random neighbor. She called the police on someone almost weekly and each police report claims there was no actual crime committed. The Garland, TX police are tired of her Ryan started a litigation support company and a company called Anya’s Tailoring and Alterations to give the two of them a better life. Ryan had four years sobriety from alcohol and he relapsed due to stress from dealing with Hanna Kubyshkina. She fought with him a lot due to her bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder she has been diagnosed with but won’t get treatment. In March 2012 Ryan got Kubyshkina pregnant and decided they should get married for the best interest of his daughter. One week before the planned wedding in Pacific Palisades, CA and honeymoon in Maui Ryan was having second thoughts. He was going to move out because her manic violent episodes was jeopardizing his recovery. As he was moving out she called the Garland Police and said he hit her. Texas law states that if this happens someone’s got to go to jail. Ryan is the most gentle and calm person and he’s never hit anyone in his life. He was arrested for false assault claiming he hit her stomach and it caused pain. The police charged him with class c assault which is the same level as a traffic ticket. Two hours later he was released and got his car which had most his possessions in it from Hanna Kubyshkina A/K/A Anya Kubyshkina’s house, He moved into his own house. Ryan’s daughter was born 11-26-12 and he had to get a court order requiring Hanna Kubyshkina to allow him to be at the hospital for the birth. In 2012, 2013, and 2014 she called the Garland Police 200 times falsely claiming Ryan did something to her. The reports say “he stole three nails” from her back yard, he kicked her fence, Ryan keeps calling he and harassing her (police looked at her phone records and found no calls from Ryan)., he’s in Colorado and Garland, Texas at the same time (she told the police I can be in both states at the same time), etc. She won’t take her medication. She was trying to build a false negative track record on Ryan so the court won’t let him see his his daughter. When his daughter was born she got into a false altercation in the hospital room with Ryan. A nurse that worked at the hospital knew her friends (she sold the house they lived in to them) and they filed a false Child Protective Services report against Ryan. Kubyshina left the hospital and hid in a house her friends owned with the baby. Ryan had to hire private investigators to locate his daughter. They found evidence her friends run a prostitution ring in these five houses in Garland.When his daughter was born she got into a false altercation in the hospital room with Ryan. A nurse that worked at the hospital knew her friends (she sold the house they lived in to them) and they filed a false Child Protective Services report against Ryan. Kubyshina left the hospital and hid in a house her friends owned with the baby. Ryan had to hire private investigators to locate his daughter. They found evidence her friends run a prostitution ring in these five houses in Garland. Ryan’s investigator’s located his child in one of the prostitution ring/Russian mafia houses. For three days surveillance on the house indicated Kubyshkina or Ryan’s daughter never left the house. Ryan called Garland PD and they did a welfare check. The police called Ryan an hour later and said his daughter turned blue during the welfare check. Ryan rushed to the scene in his car and Kubyshkina’s wouldn’t let him see his daughter and the police told him he couldn’t go on the property. He asked the police if they knew who they were. He said they’re are Russian Mafia/prostitution ring and the officer said he agrees and knows they are. Ryan is turning evidence his investigator collected on these Russians to the Texas Rangers (Department of Public Safety). later this year (2014). So far Kubyshkina just wants child support and is in contempt of a court order allowing Ryan to get four visits with his daughter per week. A hearing in July 2013 was a perjury fest due to Kubyshkina lying on the stand. Her attorney, Joseph Soto, had to pull Hanna Kubyshkina out of the courtroom. One of Ryan’s subpoenaed witnesses was in the hallway and heard Soto yelling at Kubyshkina to stop lying on the stand. She claimed Ryan was high or drunk all the time hoping so the judge ordered Ryan to take a $6OO drug urine and hair test. The test results showed no drugs or alcohol in his system for the last three months. After the judge saw he was sober she ordered visitation four times per week for Ryan which Kubyshkina hasn’t complied with at all. .

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