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Published: 18 February 2020

Posted by: Craig Spence

I am a 58 year old, single, widower looking after three daughters. I have worked very hard to pay off my home, and was almost debt-free till I met albert murphy scammer feom your property empire about two years ago when I answered an email he sent me about how I can make millions of dollars. Albert murphy came to see me and the meeting was supposed to be free – it cost me more than $200, 000 He gave me a long spiel about the growing pressure on government budgets caused by rising life expectancies, and then showed me vivid illustrations of the life of poverty that will be faced if I don”t take steps to provide for my retirement, my gut wants fight, that scamming irish man I knew he was a conman from the moment I met him. Then came the sting – he told me that the way to wealth is to negative gear into residential property in springfield near ipswich. What a conman. Albert murphy then showed me complex illustrations how quickly I can pay off my mortgage on my home by using the rent from the investment property to speed up the repayments. Albert murphy irish property sprinkler conman scammer told me that the cream on the cake is the huge amount of tax imwas going to be saved. I”ve only had biggest problems from tax office and albert murphy isn”t returning my calls. Albert murphybthe scammer convinced me that the best property for me was the one in ipswhich near brisbane that he get a $55,000 commission from the builder that”s right a $55, 000 commission from the builder. What a conman. I fell for it and found myself the owner of a property in a lower socio-economic area, near brisbane, for a total cost of $421,000. Albert murphy conman spruiker set up a series of loans but it was done in such a convoluted fashion that I felt all she was doing was “robbing peter to pay paul”. After a few months I also noticed her debts were rising, not falling as promised. By this stage the alarm bells were sounding. And it didn”t take much research for me to realise I had been been sold a dud and what makes it worse is that that rip off man con man scammer irish albert murphy won”t answer his phone or call me back scammer. Eventually I sold the property sold for $299, just two years, I has gone from owning a debt-free home to being saddled with a debt of more than $200,000. There is now a growing pile of files in my office showing that my “s situation is becoming increasingly common. I referred him friends and he has scammed them as well. I feel ashamed and want to the world to know what he has done. This area is totally unregulated – this is why you will be on your own if you get taken in. Fortunately the scam is easy to spot once you know what to look for an irish conman scammer property spriiker named albert murphy. It”s a sad state of affairs, and I urge you to take careful note of what I have written and circulate it is widely as possible. If you come accrosss this scammer email me at [email protected]

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