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Published: 04 May 2018

Posted by: Mark R Davis

2010 KIA SOUL, needed new wheel bearings. Went online got a quote of $90.00 Mechanic came to the appointment on 6/29/2016 and showed up on time but changed the quote right in front of me to $196.00 for labor. As he began I observed him removing the tire, when he got to checking for a socket fit for the wheel hub bolt, the bolt spun with ease, it was loose. Mechanic informed me this was a result of a clutch replacement 2 weeks before and the reason the wheel bearings went out… none of this in the report even though I was there to witness. Mechanic began to replace the wheel hub assembly with brand new parts.Wheel bearings had to be pressed into the hub so the Mechanic took the part to his home 3 miles away. Mechanic returned with the part and installed on the car. After repair the wheel was locked up. Mechanic removed the wheel and hub again and checked everything including the brake calipers. Mechanic recommended a new Steering knuckle and scheduled appointment for next day due to a warp, which again he stated came from the result of wheel bearings going bad. Mechanic scheduled the appointment for this morning at 9:00 am. Upon arriving for the new appointment Mechanic informed me that the work done the day before, meaning the already paid for work for unusable wheel assembly, would be destroyed, i.e. the wheel bearings, when replacing the knuckle. Said he had to go back and press it out and there is a 99% chance it will destroy the bearing. (Why was this not disclosed at the scheduling of the new appointment?) Company will not pay for the new and unused part to be replaced. Company says their warranty does not cover the “pre-existing” condition.. Really, pre as in less than 24 hours ago your mechanic installed brand new parts that as of this day have never been used. Warranty talks of normal usage and failure, not new parts destroyed by mechanic.Company nitpicked about implied warranty over a $38.00 wholesale part. Company tried to force a decision about the appointment instead of showing concern over the issue. Leading questions like “Who did you take this to to diagnose the issue” or “Are you saying such and such?” No, I am not and I will not play your game to find a reason to not service my need. Sounds like a bait and switch. Lets do the initial work, find a new issue while solving the original, then when it comes to doing the new work, tell the consumer that the work done the day before is going to be destroyed so we can sell him a new part, that will take a day to deliver and allow us to schedule a new appointment and make more money.. Customer Service would say nothing else except asking me ” Do you want us to continue or not?” I refused to give an answer till someone with the authority to service the consumer was put on the line. Customer Service are robots with no tools to satisfy you. After the constant badgering for an answer to their question, to no avail I remind you, I disconnected the call and the company dismissed Mechanic and cancelled. The Mechanic waited 4 hours while these unfriendly and profit driven employees spent time discussing who was going to call me back. This is sad as I had used them previously with no issue, but how can you turn replacing a simple emissions valve into a gasket change, you just can”t, that is the point.

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