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Published: 01 July 2019

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As a modular room addition franchize holder for 7 years from 1993-2000 and a $40,000.00 plus annunal advertizng budget I eventually found what worked. Yellow page ads was not one that worked. I sold that business in 2001 and opened a dba remodeling company with just me, no payrole employees , all subs, in 2002. I used the same ad vehicles as before with sucess. I got the annual call from a YP rep in 2006 and listened to the Pay Per Call pitch. I elected not to go that route and placed an in-olumn 2″ ad; end of year, same story, lots and money and no results. I continued with my same ad programs. In 2010 I got my call again pitching the Pay Per call. I listened to the program, the guarantees, bad call allowances, price and how good it was, so for $ 15.00 per call (leed) I signed up. My big hang up was not haveing my local business number with my local area code, in the ad. I was told that made no differance in the 877-800 and what ever prefix world. Two months into the program with several calls from resorts but not one live voice leed, a got a bill. I called a YP agent and was told that was included in the bad call allowance and I needed to pay the bill, I did. Two more months, more dead calls, I did not pay the invoice. I continued to get dead calls (no live local person, not one over the next 9 months and invoices. During that period I called YP 5-6 time, asking for filters, but I was talking to the wall, absolutly no care or willimhness to offset the charges. I did not pay any of the numbereous invoices I received. I did get one live voice leed in Decemeber 2012, ran the call but did not get the project. That call was one leed out of 30 more times my cell rang with either a resort or just a dead no sound call. The total calls for the year documented by YP emails was 31 before account was cancelled in Jan 2013 and turned over to collection, 1 to 31 ratio, that added up $ 150.00 per one live leed and a 0% closing ratio, what a program! Now in Decemebr 2013 after hours and hours of docmenting every email leed, sending a 45 page report to YP, the report to the first collection attorney, fielding 15-20 collection calls and now my account has been given to a second collection attorney. I can safely say that YP Per Call is a devisive scam of hugh prportions. I ran accross a YP Pay Per call Blog site in mid 2012 with thousands of unhappy people. That site is now nowhere to be found. There are thousands of small business owners that have been hijacked with this devisive program. I asked YP and the first collection group to send me proof of calls with a real area code number to call back; that never happened because thay cannot produce the proof. I am amazed that there has never been a class action law suite over this Pay Per Call program. In summary, the program is a devisive scam and they know it, but will never admit it. At&t will spend millions defending the program because it is designed to decieve the non-professional ad placer, meaning the small businees owner and they know no one will fight them because of the legal costs.

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