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Published: 19 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I’m glad that I found someone else who has had the same problems I have with this person and company. It started when I went to pick up my trailer they e-mailed me on Friday evening said it was ready to pick up and could I wire them the rest of the money I refused to send them the money per our agreement that I would bring the rest when I picked it up we agreed on me coming on Tuesday well when we arrived they said they liked just a few things to finish it up well we were there all day got ready to hook up and then the lights on trailer would not work he said he would get it to work and deliver it to me I finally received it 10 weeks later. someway during the time they had it they burnt up my ac unit they said (more coming on the unit)they finally deliviered it mid night only to have wrecked it on the way. When they finally came and repaired the damage I started cranking everything up I found out the generator wasn’t large enough to pull everything in trailer I called on this problem to get a bigger one to handle the load his response was just turn a few things off I fought with him to no aveil ,after this I found screws loose and stripped out again I called and his response was don’t you have a screw driver I went really that’s all you have to say well then I found out that my ac/heater unit was just a chiller I paid for a ac/heater unit not a cheap chiller called again with no satifaction after I finally got him on the phone which took for ever to do that last but not least when they delivivered my trailer they said they forgot to load my griddle plate said they would ship it to me the next day well after a year I still don’t have my plate that was payed for a year ago I have called and called and he will not return my calls I’m turning this over today to the BBB at the end of the day if he don’t confirm shipment I sent him an e-mail today because I knew he wouldnt answer the phone to let him know .

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