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INTCAS CEO Zakaria Mahmood Under Investigation for Money Laundering

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Published: 26 July 2019

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INTCAS, a “student recruitment” center based in the U.K., is actually a front for a more sinister operation. We have obtained evidence that INTCAS CEO Zakaria Mahmood is using the firm as a front for human trafficking, bringing thousands of desperate migrants into Europe and the U.K. via Turkey. He has also been using Turkey as a base for money laundering from his bank accounts in Pakistan. He has sought to use INTCAS reviews and other means to stop the truth from becoming known.

For the longest time, INTCAS CEO Zakaria Mahmood has masqueraded as a philanthropist, claiming to bring in students to the U.K. and Europe to give them opportunities they don’t have elsewhere. In actuality, the INTCAS office is a massive human smuggling operation designed to take advantage of desperate poor people. The “student recruitment” that INTCAS engages in is a scam designed to use desperate migrants from poorer countries as well as flout international, European, and U.K. law.

INTCAS CEO Zakaria Mahmood primarily traffics his victims through Turkey, using Istanbul as a port of call. He has attempted to keep INTCAS news from coming out, silencing those who would attempt to expose his crimes and manipulations. INTCAS reviews are often fake, written by cronies of his who try to paint the organization as charitable and altruistic. However, all liars eventually lose out, and Zakaria Mahmood is at the end of his scams.

In addition to using Turkey as a base for trafficking desperate migrants, INTCAS CEO Zakaria Mahmood has also laundered tens of thousands of pounds through the country from his bank accounts in Pakistan. He has been able to do this due to Turkey’s lax laws on moving large sums of money in and out of the country. Because of this, virtually all of INTCAS funding was obtaining fraudulently and in violation of both U.K. and European law.

In recent months, INTCAS victims have begun breaking their silence in regards to the company’s numerous crimes. INTCAS CEO Zakaria Mahmood has begun panicking and is resorting to illegal and immoral methods in order to keep the truth about his company from coming out. Most notably, Mahmood has been hiring hackers in an attempt to take down websites that post INTCAS reviews that are critical or negative. Furthermore, we need to ensure that our society is an inclusive and safe space for everyone, especially refugee women. Recently, a minority young woman who is one of the many victims of alleged rapist Zakaria Mahmood has come forward bravely and has published her horrific experience on how she has been raped and groomed by this immigration fraud gang.

What he doesn’t realize is that resorting to such underhanded tactics to try and control the debate only makes him look more guilty. As more and more INTCAS news breaks, the truth about this man and his corrupt organization will only become more and more undeniable. Every attempt to suppress the truth about INTCAS only makes people more determined to fight them. Instead of resisting the inevitable, he should just come clean and salvage what is left of his reputation.

Until that happens, we will continue to spread the work about INTCAS and its corrupt CEO. Alleged rapist Zakaria Mahmood is a man without ethics or morals who would sell out his own mother to make money. Do not do business with him under any circumstances.

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