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Published: 29 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This is a site that sell Gold to gamers game like WOW – WildSTAR-Archage-Diablo -Elder Scrolls Online. Stay away they are a RIP OFF! BUYERS WATCH out all they want is your personal infoto rip you off somemore. I contacted chat the woman I talked to really don’t know she was a woman just her name was female .I ask if she had gold she said yes,I then i asked her what I needed to do, and how long before I recieved my gold. She assured me once ,I paid it would be deliverd WITHIN 20 MINS ,I ask her again was that all she said yes.So I do buy from another company so, I thought this sound legit but I paid and went back to the site and ask for my gold she told me that they would be sending me a email AND I NEEDED TO COMPLY when I open up the email it was like a slap in the face they were asking for info that would makey ou a high canidaite for indenty theif .They wanted a copy of my DL-passport-or military ID .copy of my light bill or water copy of my CC .Wow I went back to the website and told them I used paypay for a reason for my protection and I was not going to give out any personal info.Then I asked for what I had paid for, she said not until I provided THE INFO .So I ask if they were really going to make me call my bank and paypal they did not care.It like they had the money sorry for your luck luckly it was after hours so, I put a stop on it at paypal then when my bank open I called and made them aware the bigger picture here is they want your most PERSONAL info thats not good,I hope this help anyone from being a victim. .

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