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Published: 01 July 2019

Posted by: Salman Khwaja

Travel and tourism is a booming industry and who knows better than Zubin Karkaria. Meet Zubin Karkaria, a renowned name and creator of the Visa Industry and is the CEO of VFS Global, the world’s largest outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions worldwide as told by him.  Zubin Karkaria set up VFS in 2001 by convincing US government to pilot a scheme for Indian Visa applicants to US at its Mumbai embassy. Then it was VFS ‘s first Visa application center and now around 2800 application centers operated in 141 countries worldwide has created an extensive stir of 187 million applications processed till date and has 62 client’s government worldwide including UK, US, Australia, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, UAE, etc.

Early in his career, he was working for one of the world’s leading travel companies, Switzerland based Kuoni Group, where he had first hand knowledge of the challenges travelers faces while applying for Visas. It was later that he persuaded US government to pilot a scheme for Indian Visa applicants to US at its Mumbai embassy. VFS born in 2001, now headquartered in Dubai, UAE is a portfolio company of EQT, a leading private equity firm headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The Swiss-based company Kuoni Group and Hugentobler foundation has also a stake in VFS Global.


Let’s see the reviews of VFS Global:

Customer Service

As told by Zubin Karkaria, being a passionate believer in improving customer experience in the Visa services ecosystem, his VFS global has received a negligible positive feedback. The customers point of view states that they are not at all impressed by VFS Global and is one of the useless agencies in the Visa industry. The customers have stated that they are ill-informed and make you wait for weeks to months on simple queries and adding to the disappointment, the customer service staff are rude, have a horrible attitude, and absolutely no customer skills. VFS Global has built a reputation on low level of customer service. 


VFS Global service was found to be a massive fraud when come in context to Price. It seems they are untouchables and get to keep the money that have been spent on requirements and Visa. It has been observed that mistakes with payments are a common occurrence. Worst website ever seen of VFs Global. As soon as I completed the Visa request and paid the amount, I was unable to make the appointment and was not allowed to login after resetting the password. After innumerable attempts I was unable to book appointment in VFS and needed help and was unable to proceed further. The website is fraud!

Efficiency of Service

Visa services must provide an efficient service to travelers who need to obtain Visa at the last minute. Many travelers who plan their holidays well in advance prefer to save money on their visas by applying through relevant embassy and this is where VFS comes into the picture. VFS Global has a poor reputation regarding its efficiency and many travelers reported that they had to cancel their planned trips altogether mixed with the insufficient level of customer service.


Many travelers utilize Visa services in a view to avoid having dealt with the complicated bureaucratic processes offered by embassies and immigration departments. Yet again, VFS Global scores low in this category and leaves a lot to be desired. Travelers often need to make a face to face appointment with VFS Global for Visa processing and unfortunately there is no evidence showing that the company makes this a smooth process. The customers have reported stating that the reservation system doesn’t work there and even if given an appointment, they are expected to waste half their day for the process. There have been complaints as well regarding the process of mail applications , with more than one customer referring to the service as a bureaucratic nightmare.

Due to its bad reputation and unimpressive rating from reviewers its better to look elsewhere !


VFS Global issues Alert in terms of Job and Immigration Fraud

An individual’s dream to study , work and immigrate abroad can turn into worst nightmare in no time and this is where VFS Global has come into the picture again. Over the last few months, VFS Global has been battling the issue of individuals posing as the company’s bonafide staff and defrauding people with the false promise of settling down on foreign shores. As soon as VFS Global’s name is taken people fall in the net. For two reasons , firstly because of its trustworthy name and secondly being the first point of contact to many embassies in India. The scammer calls from the registered VFS Global phone number and asks the victim to verify the number on the official website leading the victim to further believe the caller. The caller backs the initial call to the Visa applicant by sending fabricated job offer letters and official looking documentation through email. As acceptance of the job offer, the email states that the applicant will have to make an upfront payment and also share their personal information to take things forward. Unfortunately, a considerable percentage of visa applicants fall victim of this fraud and end up sending huge sum of money thinking the communication from VFS had indeed been genuine. 


Some of the VFS Scam being published on social media :




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