Zurvita has had one really messed up story

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Published: 25 July 2017

Posted by: George A. Laws

I was approached by an acquaintance who offered me to start work for a company that sold those shitty products. I had no sale experience and I had no fucking clue why he fucking chose me over other friends that were in sales.
Zurvita was selling gym gainers and health products that nobody wanted to buy online, so they hire regular people to do the dirty work for them. He told me that I would get a percentage from every sale I make. It seemed like a dumb deal to me but I agreed to try at least.

The first thing that smelled dirty was that I had to pay for a sales license. The problem was that it was $2,670 with all expenses. Why the fuck would I need a license? That smelled as a scam but I was assured that I would get that money back, it is like insurance for the products they would give me. The thing is those products were shit quality and their value was less than $500. Maybe I should have paid more attention prior to jumping on this shit boat.

I got the license shit taken care of but I was pissed ‘cos during the sales pitch, this now former friend of mine specifically told I would not have to pay for anything. And in hindsight, I know can see what the whole thing was about.
This bullshit company didn’t even ask me if I had any sales experience, they just gave me the products, which were stupid and irrelevant as fuck.

That’s what it’s all about. They actually wanted me to pay for that entry fee, and that money was sent upwards with each member of this scheme getting a cut. Pyramid for fuck sakes. That was what I got involved with!!! BUT SILLY ME, I did not how those work back then. At the time, I didn’t know that the asshole that hired me got a percentage of my sales and I was pissed when I found out that the fucker is getting paid for my hard work. What kind of a man you have to be in order to rip me off like that.
Well I got my answer pretty quick. Greedy fucking douche explained to me that I needed to hire someone else so the company could grow. So in order to get my money back and actually earn any revenue, I had to drag at least a couple of people more into this scam!!! That’s the only way I could present them to my friends and now I would have to beg one of them to get involved and give up their money? No way!

I racked up some sales numbers, but the dude wasn’t happy, I wasn’t hiring anyone, expanding the pyramid… The biggest problem is that the products they were selling were really shitty. So I was fucked ‘cos I could never get my money back selling those. Especially when a lot of my revenue goes to this motherfucker that hired me. And I didn’t want to drag more people in this whole fucking criminal organization. So WTF was I supposed to do?

So basically what happened is I worked my ass off and got fucked. But that is not even the worst part. I was already ready to quit and say goodbye to my money, punch the lights out of the fucker that hired me and continue with my life far away from them. Zurvita company then got accused of having potentially hazardous ingredients in the products they were selling, or should I say I was selling. Suddenly, I was in trouble of being even arrested for selling that crap. So I threw all the products away and deleted all the contact info I had on these bastards… the weird thing is no one ever called me again, it’s like they knew I was done.

So, between the entry fee and the products I threw away, running costs and all the other bullshit, I lose more than $4500 to these fucks. I just regret not having the chance to smack the former friend that got me into that whole mess. But I can do this. Zurvita is a scamming pyramid scheme!!! Greedy money stealing fucks… Feels good to say it 

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