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This website is a small step in the right direction. A drop in the pond. We cannot alert everyone. We cannot expose every bad business, scammer, cheater and criminal. We understand that. But we’ll try to help as many as we can. It’s not about numbers. It’s about giving it a go and ruffle some feathers.

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Cameron Lobban

Cameron Lobban Bitcoin Scammer Almost Stole Millions

Comments Rating 1 (2 review)

Dan Lok

Dan Lok – The Myth Is a Scam

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Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez – The Ultra-Rich Internet Personality and a Con Artist

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Sandro Carbone

Sandro Carbone Scammer

Comments Rating 3 (2 review)

Yossry elabid

Yossry Elabid is a con artist

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Richmond Capital Group

Richmond Capital Group is a criminal organization.

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Keegan Hodges

Best Home Services in Naples, Florida and Keegan Hodges

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Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi – The Real Estate Con Man

Comments Rating 1.15 (7 reviews)


a company of fraudsters and scammers

Comments Rating 1 (1 reviews)

Christoffer Thygesen

Christoffer Thygesen Impregnated me and abandoned his Son

Comments Rating 1.67 (9 reviews)
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