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Tai Lopez scams hunderds of thousands of people every year wit his useless courses and deceptive marketing tactics. Read how his scam operates in this exclusive Holysmoke Report.
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Tai Lopez is an internet personality known for doing a crazy amount of ads and publicity stunts. He is quite rich and claims to have built a multi-million empire. But he fakes his richness by using rental cars and renting big mansions to fool his audience into thinking that he owns those commodities. He does this because his whole brand revolves around showing off and bragging.

More than 200 Million people are scammed every year in the United States. The number of hackers, cybercriminals, con artists and frauds has been increasing rapidly. Even influencers have been conning people in order to earn money. Tai Lopez is one of them.

He has been running several scam companies which target the young people (ageing from 16 – 24) and steals their money. Tai has been so successful with his methods that people don’t even realise that they are being fooled. He has scammed a countless number of youngsters. His courses and books are full of BS and provide no valuable information to the customer. However, his persuasive skills make sure that the customers don’t realize that they are wasting their time and money.

Background & Businesses

About Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is a big social media personality with more than 3.1 million followers on Instagram, 1 million subscribers on YouTube, 6 million fans on FB and 700k followers on Twitter. He is an investor, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and advisor. You might have seen him in his infamous car garage advert, which went viral on YouTube.

He is also the host of “The Tai Lopez Show”, where he talks about wealth, happiness, love and nutrition; he claims that his show is watched by 1.4 million people all around the world. He is the owner of Mentor Box, which is a book shipping club.

On 11th April 1977, Tai Lopez was born. There is not much information available about his parents and childhood. But Lopez himself has said that he was raised by his grandmother and mother and he was an introverted kid. Some people say that Lopez talked to his grandfather a lot who was at that time, a scientist. His grandfather motivated him to change the world and he used to send him books via mail.

Tai Lopez is not educated and thus he has not told anyone the name of his college, from which he dropped out of. His whole education is shady and Lopez has done all he can to make sure that his education information does not leak. After dropping out, he started working on many different jobs. He was hired by the Amish, where he milked cows and did other miscellaneous tasks. Amish are a church fellowship of traditionalist Christians, who avoid any latest technology.

He currently has a net worth of $20 million. He says that he garnered this crazy wealth by selling courses and investments, but we all know that this is not true.

Social Media Marketing Agency Review 2021

His Social Media Marketing Course

Tai Lopez has released his new Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) Course quite recently. It apparently teaches you how to earn thousands of dollars while travelling the world and smashing hot chicks. The whole landing page of this course is a big click-bait. Tai states that there are people earning $10,000 using his knowledge, but there is zero evidence to prove his claims.

It is a 16-week course and during these 16 weeks, it will teach you how to run a social media agency. When you complete the course Tai Lopez will give his own certification, making you a Lopez certified Social Media Marketing agent. However, the value of this certification is zero, as Tai is NOT a social media marketing expert and the course itself does not have any special value as well.

We have interviewed dozens of social media marketing professionals and asked them their views on this course. Most of them said that there are many businessmen who don’t know anything about social media except that it can get them a lot of customers, and such businessmen often buy these programs. A business always looks for boosting sales and generating leads and this course targets those people and teaches them the basics.

Everything that you will learn from this expensive course can be learnt for FREE on YouTube and websites. It does not provide any special information that you might expect from such an expensive course. This course is awesome for those who don’t know anything about social media and have thousands of dollars to throw away, but if you value your resources, then STAY AWAY from this course.

We can say that Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency Course is a type of pyramid scheme.  It is quite new and thus, Tai is giving is all in marketing this course to make sure that more and more people buy it. He always takes down any critical reviews on his products and thus, there are literally NO reviews of this course available, which clearly defines its values.

A Horribly Generic Course

The 67 Steps Review 2021

The 67 Steps course of Tai is his most popular course ever, as he has used a very different marketing strategy to sell it. He sells one video for $1 dollar and has sold many copies of this course. The 67 Steps course teaches nothing except that you need hard work to earn big money, which is obvious information.

He emphasizes that you watch all 67 of his videos if you want the full benefits of this course. But in order to watch them, you will have to buy the full course. In order to evaluate his course, we bought it and watched it ourselves only to find out that Tai has once again proven that he is a master of conning, as there was no valuable information available in his course.

He has just compiled some key points from a bunch of books and is showcasing them in such a way that you will think that those points are his own. We have to say that Tai Lopez is a very talented salesperson and he always makes sure that his fans don’t realize that they are getting fooled. His advert of the 67 Steps Course runs almost on every video he can afford. Most of the information that Tai tells in this course is common sense and an average person knows these facts already.

We did appreciate the amount of effort Tai Lopez put in the course and it is very organized, but considering the price tag, we cannot say it is worth your money. We noticed that Tai didn’t even put much thought into his videos and most of them are not even scripted. He is just improvising on the go, trying to sound useful and motivational, while not providing any real information.

Mini MBA (Blue Belt): Joke Of A Course

Mini MBA (Blue Belt) Review

Believe it or not, Tai Lopez claims that he can give you 90% of the information provided in a full-fledged MBA course, in his $1,000 Mini-MBA course. This course is just as dumb as it sounds; reviewers say that for the price tag of a thousand bucks, you can get much better information than that is available in this course.

It comes along with its video library and you can do live Q&As every week with the members of Tai’s team. Most of the time your question will not be answered as the members have to attend many others and they will just try to give a generalized answer, to avoid any contradictions.

The structure of this course is much poor than any other course available on the internet. They don’t even have a summary list and the course is just a bunch of videos put together. Some videos lack context and are there just to fill the space.

For its price, the Mini MBA course of Tai Lopez is definitely not worth it. A toddler can learn using this course, as it has nothing complicated information; this course is so straight forward that it is bad. The only unique thing about this course is Tai’s personal experiences he shares on it, and those will only be helpful for those who are his crazy fans.

Even though Tai has used high-grade recording equipment for the making of this course, we can’t say that it is worth your thousand dollars. Lopez might be an enthusiastic entrepreneur making millions of bucks, but that doesn’t make him qualified enough to give his own Mini-MBA certificate. And this makes the value of this certification far less than an actual MBA certificate.

Glassdoor Reveals Tai Lopez Exploits His Employees

Mistreating Employees

Tai is really talented when it comes to talking sweet and he hides his true personality from his fans. Most of his kindness is only towards chicks and money. We had to dig deep in order to find more about his attitude towards people. 99% of the reviews or statements on the internet which speak the truth about Tai are taken down by the reputation management team of Tai Lopez.

Tai Lopez says that he is a very kind person and most of his associates say the same. However, his employees beg to differ. Below are reviews of some of Tai’s previous employees, who have worked with him for at least a year.

This review states that Tai Lopez’s office does provide free lunch sometimes free travel. However, the cons list outnumbers the pros by a large difference. He added that the managers make a lot of fake promises in order to keep the employees from quitting.
The key positions in the company are held by Tai’s friends and family, who do not have a clue about the company or their post. The employees are not given any kind of training and Tai abuses the employees sometimes. Moreover, his own investors don’t believe in him.

This employee has stated that the managers of Tai Lopez’s office are a bunch of liars who make empty promises to the employees to keep them working hard. Most of the employees leave in a couple of months, because of poor management.

The administration doesn’t care about the employees and they prioritise some particular employees who they like to. They state that they want adaptable professionals but what they really mean is that they want those people who can do everything they say without any hesitation. This employee also said that most of the employees feel neglected and ignored, because the administrators are extremely self-centred.

All the managers are manipulative and they use many psychological tactics on the employees to get the job done. If there is any delay in the work due to any reason, they will even start cursing.

The office runs on the principal of hard work but does not care about the health of the employee. They don’t know anything about organising their work and making it more efficient. The company does not have any goals in mind and operates like a headless chicken. Any new ideas are not appreciated and they managers a highly critical of the work. Employees often find themselves wasting a lot of their time on pointless tasks and there is no guidance when it comes to career advancement. This employee finally states that working with Tai Lopez is a total disappointment and if you are a fan of his, then don’t work there.

  • Management is a bunch of sexual predators.
    This woman used to work at Tai Lopez’s office, but she had to leave because of the perverted bosses. She did appreciate their work ethic and worked really hard, however, the managers used to give sexual remarks to her, which was extremely uncomfortable.
    Once one of the managers even tried to touch grope her, but she resisted as much as possible. The work environment is clearly not safe for women and any professional female should avoid working here. They guarantee a lot of things but do nothing.

Using A Fake Lamborghini To Sell Overpriced Programs

The “Here In My Garage” Advertisement

(Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cv1RJTHf5fk)

Everyone who knows about Tai Lopez knows about his viral YouTube advertisement, which took the internet by the storm. His video titled “Here In My Garage” has 69 million views on it! Tai has spent a whopping $200,000 on this promotion. The worst thing about this promo is that everything featured in it is either rented or fake.

Many people say that Tai Lopez rented a Lamborghini for the shoot of this video, but what they don’t know is that he hasn’t even done that. He has actually used a green screen in his video. There is no shadow of him in the whole 3:54 minutes video. A green screen is a videography technique that enables the filmmaker to film a moving object in front of a green screen which can be used in other videos.

This advert became a meme shortly after it became viral and it helped Lopez boost his business even more. Almost all the views on this video are bought out. The reason being, that it has only around 100 comments and 60k likes, whereas an organic video has a much more engagement rate than this. Moreover, it has 50K dislikes as well, which shows how much people hated this promo.

This advert changed Tai’s life and gave him the boost he needed to become an established con artist. Many people critiqued his false advertisement method, but most of them were bought out by Tai’s team. He has claimed that this promo has more than 1.2 billion minutes of watch time, which is A LOT for an advert.

He earned a ton of money from this video, as it generated millions of clicks to his course’s landing page. One source tells us that his conversion rate was 14% which itself is a crazy number. The course he sold using this promo was totally useless and didn’t provide ANY value.

Night Clubs, Fraudulent Online Dating Company, & More

Tai’s Many Businesses

Ever since his unbelievable success, Tai Lopez has built many businesses. He has his foot in any industry where he can scam people, including education, investing, and even dating. He rarely mentions his businesses in his Snapchat or Instagram videos, to make sure that he doesn’t slip out any information. He hasn’t linked his LinkedIn with any of his businesses as well, which makes him more suspicious.

Night Clubs-

Tai is a big party animal and has invested in many east coast night clubs. Some girls have accused him of inappropriate behavior in his clubs as well.

LLG Financial-

Tai Lopez used to be the owner of LLG Financial however, now he is just an investor. The name of this company was Legacy Life Group in the past, but recently it has been changed to LPL Financial.

Elite Global Dating LLC (His Fraud Dating Company)

The Elite Global Dating LLC is Tai’s one of the most sketchy companies. It has dozens of fake profiles that consist of attractive women who will message (the message will be something that will almost force the user to reply) the visitors when they make their account and in order for them to reply, they will have to get their membership. All these attractive accounts are of bots and once the user gets the membership, these bots stop replying to him. However, when he will stop paying for the membership, those bots will start to message him again.

This company is highly infamous for not refunding the user’s money once they decide to cancel their membership. Tai has changed the domain of this websites 3 times by now, and it is possible that he will change it again in the future. At first, the website was named Meetingmillionairs.com then he changed it to EliteGlobalDating.com and finally into www.EliteMeeting.com.

This business generates a lot of money for Tai’s wallet and he has stolen money from thousands of people using it. Many people have posted complaints against this business online, but using his high connections, Tai has taken most of them down, leaving only a few of them.

Here is what people think about Tai Lopez’s Elite Global Dating LLC:

Dozens Of Domains

Tai Lopez knows that his business is going to face a lot of backlashes as he cons hundreds of people daily. Therefore he has bought dozens of domain names to make sure that his online reputation doesn’t get damaged and he can keep up his “Good” persona online. After doing some research on WHOSIS we found out that Tai Lopez owns the following domains until now:

  • justmillionaires.com
  • datetallmen.com
  • findadate.com
  • meetingmillionaires.com
  • tailopez.net
  • curvyfitness.com
  • ifyouresingle.com
  • modelmeet.com
  • mythailove.com
  • elitemmeting.com
  • elitemeet.com
  • eliteglobaldating.com
  • millionairelifecoach.com
  • tailopez.com

There is a high probability that Tai has bought MANY other domains on other identities to make sure that the least amount of people find out about his shady business plans.

Social Media Marketing=Spam Ads To Your Fans

Social Media Presence

Tai has Millions of fans and followers on social media platforms and he SPAMS them with promos and ads. The only reason people follow him is that there are many others who are doing so, most of them being fake followers and he has built a persona online of a multi-millionaire.

He currently has 3.1m followers on Instagram and he claims to giveaway cars, cash & laptops, but there is zero proof that he has done that. He claims that people have won 10 cars and 540 cash, and yet again his statement is without any proof.

As you can see on the Social Blade chart of Tai Lopez’s Instagram account, his profile started growing rapidly after his “Here in my Garage” advert became viral in 2015. And he generated a lot of money from this attention, almost an estimated $20 million!

The Pioneer Of All Fake Gurus

Tai Lopez Review 2021: Verdict

2.4 Total Score

Tai Lopez is no one but a fake entrepreneur who scams people and steals their money. He has followed the strategy of “Fake it till you make it” but his own dirty version where he keeps faking it and stealing money from people. We would advise you to STAY AWAY from such a con artist and save your precious time and money.

3.2Expert Score
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  • Good Social Media Strategies
  • Highly Manipulative
  • Lies About Wealth
  • Gives No Refunds
  • Targets Naïve Individuals For Thousands Of Dollars
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  1. I actually liked a lot these 67 steps and I’m not complaining at all. See what you’ve got – only complaining about life without learning anything new. Sorry for you guys. Hope you read better authors and so on.

  2. Thanks for posting this review .
    Looks like there’s a bunch of know-it-alls here in the comment section at Holysmoke, so they didn’t need the info. I really appreciate it and was just curious how his scam (and many others) work. I guess they drag out the sell and keep making promises and never deliver.

  3. He’s a lot like many out there right now, he is talking and talking and talking but not really saying anything useful. Many of these guys are just really good at selling “how to sell” but beyond that… the emperor has no clothes.

    Hmmm, reminds me of a certain presumptive Presidential nominee who has somehow also duped a lot of people into thinking he’s a business genius.

  4. I knew this guy was a total bullshit from the start but you got to admit one thing, his marketing campaign or his “team” of marketer done a pretty damn good job getting his “Hi, Tai Lopez” campaign out. If he can convince YOU to purchase his accelerator program then he already won.

  5. This is actually a helpful thread as I’m sure there are other folks out there thinking about pulling the trigger on his crap and then if they did ANY research online this puppy will pop right up.

  6. Idk what his actual networth is but the dude is ridiculous. I got a new ad the other day that was “his house tour”. I ended up having to search and find the actual video link to send it to my friend. It was HILARIOUS. Not in a hes trying to be, in a hes an idiot way. “Lets check out the garage” barely space for 2 cars….”oh my other cars arent here”. “Im not trying to be materialistic and be all this is all the cool stuff i have”……next sentence…. “this is where my gym and basketball court”

  7. Every video I’ve ever seen is just him pretending to be humble while he brags about all his money.

    How do people not see through that?

    Think Elon musk. Everything he says is humble, but his actions are huge.

    Braggarts are always full of shit.

  8. What I truly want to know is what is it about Lopez that makes people trust him? Just from my perspective, he seem so shady and even if some big names laud his products or his ideals, that’s not enough to convince me to buy his products. He makes these lofty promises but he doesn’t really deliver anything; it’s all trite. He seems like the quintessential scammer that boasts having all this knowledge but not really possessing any knowledge that isn’t easily accessible.

  9. He’s a lot like many out there right now, he is talking and talking and talking but not really saying anything useful.

    It’s quite a maddening marketing strategy. They always lead with “I’m going to tell you the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything”, and the video’s 52 minutes long. And of course if you dare waste time watching the first 90%, all you’ve heard is how wonderful your life will be once you’ve heard the answer, and what color shoes the marketer was wearing when they learned the answer, but not a hint of the actual answer.

    It’s like the “persistence hunting” approach to marketing: I guess after 52 minutes of bullshit, you can wear some folks down enough that they’ll buy anything?

  10. I can’t make it through his videos, he comes off like a complete idiot. My favorite was from a live cast where he said ‘ok here’s the secret’ and then never got to it. His big thing is about the importance of mentors, which he says a million different ways. Of course suggesting that you pay him to be yours.

    He’s a lot like many out there right now, he is talking and talking and talking but not really saying anything useful. Many of these guys are just really good at selling “how to sell” but beyond that… the emperor has no clothes.

  11. Hey guy’s Tai Lopez is a liar, a god damn liar. He doesn’t respect books. He literally picked me up read the table of contents and put me down, saying he got everything he needed, but guys deep down intertwined in my pages is magic, magic that you’ll only poses if you read me throughly. Don’t be like Tai. People and books like myself need to get together and get rid of this tyrant, before he in prisons us all in his garage. I hear someone coming, oh he’s making another spammy youtube video, ttyl

  12. I saw one of his ads on youtube one time. He says “I’m Tai Lopez, and I’m going to give you one piece of advice for life/business/success/whatever”. He then spends two minutes walking around his house showing how rich he is, mumbling about how he’s about to give you one piece of advice, and how great this advice is, and how his course is full of this kind of advice, and how valuable the advice is. Then at the end of the ad he says “you know what, go to my website and sign up for whatever and I’ll give you that one piece of advice, plus there’s loads of other advice on there”.

    I knew right there this was a scam, but out of curiosity I googled him. This is the first result that’s not his twitter/youtube/website in which the person say’s he’s not as much a scammer as he is “systematically unethical” and the 67 are simply “inspirational” but not worth the money. Then I googled “Tai Lopez reddit”, I got this thread that outlines how he’s using psychology to convince you to give you money, and much of a waste of money it is.

    So basically OP is being lambasted for falling for an obvious scammer (the video with no payoff) without apparently even googling the guy, and then acting like he’s surprised that there was no value in his product and getting out isn’t straight forward.

    tl;dr Next up on /r/Entrepreneur “Don’t send your money to penis enlargement spam even if they tell you there’s a money back guarantee”.

  13. Please forgive the strong language that I use here.

    YES. Absolute scam. I bought the “Accelerator” program, and it turned out to be absolute ass. It’s crap. Just rehashed old crap from Tai’s live calls that you get on YouTube. His live videos are also bullshit, I’ve seen the same ones reply many times. The paid content is shittier than the free content. It’s all just bad reviews of books, and then affiliate marketing he does with other companies in which they share no useful information.

    There is like ONLY 3 Videos on Tai’s behind the scenes business stuff. All 3 of which are just Tai talking shit to his team. “You better appreciate that you’re working for me”.

    The Knowledge database is crap. No useful info. Just buy a book and you’ll get 100 times more value. Just watch the hundreds of thousands of other useful videos that are free. Not even worth $10 in my opinion.

    The money program is a bullshit program. Almost ZERO money advice. It’s crap. Junk. Poop. Serious ass. Don’t waste your time. He just rehashes maybe 3 or 4 ideas together… And then the rest is affiliate marketing. It’s all crap.

    From there, they try to up-sell you on the bigger packages that are $5,000+. They make you hope that you can someday meet with Tai and get him to invest in your business or personally mentor you. But it’s all bullshit.


    Not to mention, when I asked for a refund, it has been 1 week and no one has gotten back to me. They’re just stealing our money. I have to do a charge back through my credit card company. They replied once saying that Oh we have to have one of our guys call you to make sure you have a good experience. Well, that was 7 days ago, and nothing.

    Bullshit product, bullshit service. Avoid at all costs.

    The only reason I tried his program was because he gave a 60 day money back guarantee. He isn’t even keeping up to that one promise. He keeps saying he has all this great insider information, but none is to be found in his program. He makes his program sound like it’s so solid, professional, and well put together, but it’s really crappy, you’re really really better off just finding a few relevant things for yourself with a youtube search.

    Again. I don’t care what promises he makes to you. It’s all crap. Really is. He does provide some good tips. But, just watch his free crap for that. It’s pretty much all rehashed other YouTube videos, and information from books. He really won’t save you any time in terms of trimming the learning curve. Actually, his program sucks so bad that it will make you waste maybe 2-3 days before you realize that you were scammed and lied to.

  14. Tai Lopez is a fraud, his home is a leasing, his vehicles are leasings and whatever is fake. He declares he is a really effective business owner yet he never ever says what company he runs or how he got his wealth.

    All he does is just copy and quote things he obtains from books by real business owners and states them as his own. Half of the important things he says makes no sense at all and he is essentially getting abundant by telling people how to get abundant. Scam artist and a fraud

  15. Tai Lopez has actually got to be among the most enchanting bullshit artists on earth. I have actually lost hours of my own time trying to determine precisely what his item is. That’s what he offers– the info about his product– and that’s simply more of the details about his product.

    Sure, ANYBODY with the ideal coaching, mentoring, info, state of mind, intelligence, etc. can “make it” in America and live the very best life they produce on their own. However it does take some time, that’s what Tai offers, his time to people, so that he can live it up in the glory of his rented luxury.

    Moving right along.

    Let’s envision all the ways we can multitask while trying to determine the master who desires your full attention and focus. Due to the fact that anything you put your full attention into deserves a financial investment, right? Negative. The rub with 67 Steps is not that it’s too many like he ‘humbly’ explains making available out of some desire to assist everybody. It is by far and away too couple of actions to be of any real compound to somebody who is most likely 1000’s of actions away from where they dream of being.

    I’m not claiming Tai is offering a “get rich fast” plan. He’s offering a “life is what you make it” scheme.

    I might conserve time daily listening to Tai in the shower and even masturbating in the shower. How about doing a line of blow every morning to expand my day into two days? The point is that Tai wants individuals to think in him and discover a sense that there is a community around his ‘knowledge’. And he takes advantage of one of the most basic social requirements people have, which is to discover assistance in addition to that sense of belonging to a group. He is a timeless narcissist.

    Do I believe he would harm someone real bad? He might, but he is convinced that $67/mo. is ‘reasonable priced’. It might be costing individuals more than he realizes. Sure. And the proof in the pudding about Tai is that he is pulling these numbers about what his ‘item’ deserves right out of his own ass. There is no item, just his time and his effort to offer his ability to sell basic details which he does not inform you will only ‘make you wealthy’ if you collect it by yourself. By “wealthy” I don’t necessarily mean monetarily. Tai is encouraged that if you receive his assistance that you will be becoming wealthy even if you do not utilize your own decisions to really make rational improvements.

    Tai could improve his ‘item’ by telling individuals things they truly require to hear, like, “your skills are most likely dated therefore is your education”, “you must research new advances and leave the average filth that is society’s idea of intelligence”, “The Internet of Things is the next real revolution. If you want to make a lot of money, purchase Qualcomm while it is at a low rate.”. All great recommendations in today day is more than a cliché, old saying, or modest wizardry. It’s more than, “see what I can do better than you, now pay me due to the fact that I’m already richer than you”.

    Don’t squander your time on Tai unless you have it lose. And who does? If you want the item he is actually trying to sell, go sell yourself and make your life much better. If you aren’t positive enough, then study something that you WILL pursue and WILL improve your potential customers. Get into what you do. Get really into what you wish to do. And make what you’re doing lead to an objective that you have actually planned and concentrated on. It is the most gratifying usage of your time you will ever find.

  16. Yes Tai and his group are world class fraud/scammers. There’s almost nothing genuine about him/them. Having actually dealt with lots of unethical people in my life, and studying him for a few years … he remains in a class all his own.

    He pitches himself as a mentor, what are his verifiable credentials? He comes across as wealthy and a financial consultant. If he’s so proficient at generating income and helping others get his level of success, as he declares to be as a mentor/investor, where are they? … Remember the 67 actions he’s pitching are expected to be the service to everything, wealth, health, love and joy and he’s been apparently doing this for over 15 years, if it holds true show me the prospering organisations owned by him, the deeds to expensive airplanes, estates, successful rental properties, vehicles … more importantly the numerous millionaires made by him, the years of happy effective collaborations who would enjoy doing organisation with him once again, the doting wife, kids, animals. They aren’t there cause they do not exist, and actually haven’t ever. If you can find any, speak to individuals who have actually dealt with him, and you’ll discover numerous lots of horror stories at all levels, including numerous claims.

    I discovered these things after digging into it after he injured some pals of mine (who invested cash with him), while doing so I discovered almost nothing is real about him. As laid out in videos on youtube, he fabricates his apparent success, shooting videos at rental homes he doesn’t even reside in, not to mention own, declaring that he does.

    First he’s a brilliant sales individual and charismatic which makes it difficult to see the fact as there’s inadequate details to make a notified choice till you get farther in, and unfortunately some aren’t wise sufficient to ever see the details as he’s masterful and manipulating them. The 67 steps is simply the front door to a labyrinth you can not see from outside. Like numerous charismatic cult leaders, he lives deeply in lies of his own construction, which is why it’s so difficult for others to see previous them, as they themselves really believe them.

    As soon as you get past the shine, it’s all a cleverly crafted, hypnotic and manipulative deception, and he is a really competent predator who has actually injured several individuals who have mostly carried on and severed ties with him.

    For instance: Your house, the vehicles he claims to own, shown prominently and strategically as bait in the videos (at least at the time I investigated this) are all leased easily verifiable online through home listing, and while leasing is not a crime, when he shoots at places he doesn’t even live at, giving trips like it is, and then calls them “his” it’s a bold dealt with lie, and after that utilizing the exact same video in marketing is phony and predatory.

    Similarly his TedX talk is an infomercial, again lying about checking out a book a day which he confesses is something like skimming.

    The females revealed near are likewise ‘leased’ generally young, naive people off his model sites or sugar daddy type sites, of which he genuinely owns and operates, mostly as a method to get laid not assist them model, and none of them last long, cause he’s not who he states he is and truly don’t have modeling work for them.

    He forges these status symbols and social proof by getting them however he can, then advertises and networks aggressively, leveraging his charisma, then gets sufficient people to invest in whatever he’s pitching next (prior to 67 actions he was doing training, and now he claims to be an investor), thinking he’s the real deal, then when he’s made enough, scales up to develop an even larger illusion, to try and get back at more individuals to purchase in, etc. But it’s all hollow, there’s nothing genuine. It’s truly not that hard if you have a charge card of 100K approximately limitations to pull this sort of scams too. Phony it till you make it. I make certain now based on all the book recommendations he’s doing well as an amazon affiliate, however that’s not what he’s teaching probably to generate income.

    The library is a comparable created phony. As has been pointed out many of the books aren’t especially pertinent to success, being fiction. Any person can skim a book cover and couple of pages and claim they can check out a book a day, however for a lot of that does not count by most as real reading, as there’s no understanding, and he has never shown this ability to anybody effectively, he simply claims it’s true. The large library of books he has actually is similarly utilized as a manipulation, to make him appear smart and smart. He primarily checks out simply enough to make him seem smarter than he really is, by cherry choosing gems, which he only uses to appear much better than you, as an adjustment tool.

    The 67 actions aren’t steps, they are parables that he can pull from at anytime to support any particular point he’s attempting to make. If it were getting instructions it ‘d resemble “you only need to know 4 easy things to get where you want to go: north, south, east west.” That’s not a GPS map, as many anticipate, simply a set of methods to move, which might be a discovery to some but … pretty good sense to most.

    He doesn’t put this on his videos but at celebrations he will utilize whatever tactic he can to get and keep attention. He’s a devout atheist and astrologist which makes no sense except that it always allows him to have something to state and be perceived as better, and interesting.

    All the statistics being utilized in his messages are high water marks. e.g. at the time of this composing he claims to be larger than Oprah, when that’s really just on iTunes and one episode where he beat her views at one day. The testimonials he utilizes are gathered from every item over every year he’s ever gotten one, often groomed into one, and some used aren’t even on speaking terms with him any longer.

    A huge reason not to do anything with him is He/his team does numerous either wise to straight-out evil things. Not honoring refunds is one, it is a variation on a self-confidence trick and rebills rip-off.

    Much of his cash that he did make originated from phony dreamy dating profiles producing phony dialogs, enticing individuals to pay regular monthly, just to recognize there wasn’t anyone real there. A number of his online residential or commercial properties utilize the very same SMS and email auto-responder spam bots, which bring the impression even further, of him being more interested in you and more effective than he is.

    The funnel starts at $67 but I have actually heard has levels as much as tens if not hundreds of thousands, the people I understand invested lots of 10s of thousands which he guaranteed a substantial return and instead they all requested for refunds and left, and needed to combat to get refund, months later.

    He is active on every website that discusses him under incorrect names to serve as a shill to make him sound good and anti-shill for people that say bad things, for the attempt to cover his track. He’s even on Aurora in some of these threads with false names, assaulting people who do not support him, and credit has banned several of these phony users. This is NOT the behavior of a person who is simply selling a harmless $67 course in high volume for the public excellent.

    These manipulations and deceptions are important to his continued operation. If you develop enough confusion it’s harder to see what’s genuine and easy for people to act by interest charm and so on

    . It’s uncertain to what degree this is destructive and calculated a mental disorder or both.

  17. Tai is certainly a fraud, he interest those who were raised with little to no company knowledge or how the world actually works. He attracts young men who wish to celebration and sleep around throughout the day without putting in any major effort. He strings these kids along by revealing them his rental home and vehicles that he claims to own. He also pays Instagram models to hang with him. This attracts the testosterone filled young boys like flies to trash. He assures riches and females if you do what he teaches.

    His very first course he provides is pretty inexpensive, I believe it resembles $67 for 67 videos last I checked. These videos have lots of standard entry level ideas that are organisation associated, but they will not make you effective, they’re just basic business related details. This sort of things makes you feel like you’ve found out something and it makes Tai seem clever. This hooks people into purchasing the larger more expensive courses, you’ll pay a ridicules amount of cash and you’ll only learn more fundamental principles of organisation. You won’t find out anything that will hallo you establish an excellent business, you won’t discover any skills that might get you a task anywhere, his information is fundamental and useless. You can invest $20-50 on an excellent marketing book and get more info out of that than Tai will offer you in his whole lifetime. Due to the fact that he doesn’t know anything valuable about service, he simply quotes a lot of successful authors, therefore making it appear that he understands a great deal of good things.

    Individuals may argue that if Tai has the money to hire designs, lease cars and trucks and homes that his method should work which they can replicate it. The problem is, Tai isn’t selling you his actual technique, because what he in fact does is called spamming. He does the above, he draws individuals in, hyped them up and then gets them to pay foolish quantities of cash for horrible content, by the time individuals get up to the fact that what he sells does not work, it’s far too late, he currently has your money. This is why you can’t replicate his success, based upon what he teaches in his videos, due to the fact that it’s not attempted and real, it does not actually work.

    I grew up in a company family, my Dad was vice president of a successful business and my sibling works for among the top 5 finest auditing firms in the country. My family was extremely professional, I’m more into software application development, so I’m not a service pro, but my Papa would share service pointers with me when I was a kid. The stuff he showed me, was the “deep” things Tai shares in his videos. Let me repeat, the deep things that Tai charges hundreds, if not thousands for, was the type of things my Daddy would just arbitrarily throw out there as tips. My Father desired all of my siblings and I to enter into the organisation, prior to I went into software style, he asked me to attempt a number of courses in business simply to see if I liked it. I took a course in Marketing, Buisness Law and an Introductory Organisation course that covered the essentials of service, it was a “broad stroke” sort of course. Those three BASIC ENTRY LEVEL COURSES taught me things that Tai never ever mentions, he never comes close to the lessons I discovered.

    The lesson you can take away from this remark is this, Tai Lopez is a sleazy scam artist and there is no such thing as a get abundant quick scheme, it does not exist. I used to check out bank break-ins and even preparing to rob a bank that has enough loan to make it worth it takes months to prepare and perform. I know that it probably took Tai two or 3 years at least to get his fraud off the ground. The only way to be truly successful and not a shooting star, that burns intense for a couple seconds then vanishes is effort. If you desire true success, a loan that lasts for the rest of your life, you have to work you butt off for it. It is difficult, there are no seven simple steps. You have 2 choices, if you are very motivated, you can teach yourself and start you own service, that’s the harder method. If you are not well inspired, then you will wish to go to college and find out. If you wish to get a job at another company than you will also want to go to college, due to the fact that college degrees go a long method in the job market. People like to state that college is a waste of time and loan, that is partly true, however college still teaches you a lot of important stuff, far more so than Tai Lopez ever will. At the end of college, you are basically guaranteed to a minimum of get an excellent paying job that you can live comfortably with for the rest of your life if you aren’t driven to go further up the success ladder.

    Sorry for the little book, I just hate scammers, I hate greaseballs like Tai who are willing to control others, to steal from them and point them in the direction of failure just to make a dollar. Don’t listen to these sleazebags, they’re just attracting your lazy side. So yeah, do not buy into his fraud. Lol

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    Tai has a site where you can sign up for his system. There are numerous reports of people who have asked for a refund or attempted to cancel their membership and have not gotten any response from Tai. Some individuals even had to cancel their credit cards to stop the month-to-month payments being taken.

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