Tanner J. Fox’s Amazon Seller Mastery: A Must Read Review!

Tanner J. Fox’s Amazon Seller Mastery: A Must Read Review!
Dozens of testimonials
Good Pricing
Good After Sales

You must have heard about the profits being made through Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)? You probably want to have them as well…

Tanner J. Fox has produced various different online marketing courses and Amazon Seller Mastery is his most successful. It teaches from the very basics all the way to advanced strategies for setting up and growing an Amazon FBA dropshipping business. There are great profits to be made using this business model, so getting the best training and advice is a worthwhile investment.

Introduction: Tanner J. Fox and Amazon Seller Mastery

If you ask me – is it a scam? I would reply that it is not, if you’re willing to work. Tanner J. Fox has a good reputation online and there are many positive reviews for this program, that’s a fact.

Would you like a luxurious lifestyle? A big house and an expensive car?

It seems a world away right now, doesn’t it?

But, it is possible…

The right business for you is out there. It might be Amazon FBA and Amazon Seller Mastery could be the key to inspire your success story…

Join me while I analyze Tanner J. Fox’s course in depth and give you my unbiased review. The information you need is only a few scrolls away…

The Amazon Seller Mastery by Tanner J. Fox – is it Legit?

There are many courses available which cover similar ground and, of course, they vary in quality. If you have had a bad experience before you may be thinking, how is Amazon Seller Mastery different and – is it legit?

I will be investigating it in more detail, so I hope to provide you with the information to make an informed opinion. I can tell you though, that this product does provide what it claims to and in my opinion, seems completely legit.

The more important question may be – how much will this program actually help my business?

How much does the Course cost?

Tanner J Fox sells his Course for $497 on the Official Website. It is a one-time payment and there are no other costs hidden.

A Review of the Pros and Cons of Tanner J. Fox’s Course

I want to give you as accurate a picture as possible for this course so that you can make an informed decision as to whether it will benefit your business. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons. 


  • Tanner J.Fox himself comes across as very credible. He has an impressive backstory and he presents this material very well. He speaks in a clear and easy to follow manner as he explains his business methods and what he learned while building his business. He has a strong likability factor.
  • Amazon Seller Mastery is particularly strong in teaching how to select the right niche and choose viable products to sell. This is the number one issue for people new to the Amazon FBA business to master, and there is plenty of great advice available here. Competition is increasing, so it is vital that you get this right from the start.
  • You get lifetime access to the “Private Amazon Seller Group” when you subscribe to the Amazon Seller Mastery course. This is important as there is 24/7 access and you can discuss any issues you may be facing with Tanner or other industry experts. I was impressed with the amount of knowledge to be learned here. The fact that you have lifetime access is a major plus point, so you can stay in contact and use others experiences to help keep you motivated as your business grows.
  • The course itself is very good and features some impressive video content. There are over 50 training videos which are full of useful content. These cover the process of planning the business through the startup and how to market and grow it. I think this is one of the main strong points of Tanner J. Fox’s work.
  • The course is presented in an entertaining and easy to understand manner so no matter what your educational background is, you will gain a lot when you study Amazon Seller Mastery. The program is said to have a 90% success rate for people completing the course, so they must be doing something right!

There have been some impressive positives associated with this course, so it is correct that I take a look at the cons also.


  • There is a lot of free information online and some people claim that courses such as this are unnecessary. While it is true there are many YouTube channels, message boards etc. where you can get good advice about the dropshipping business model. I believe Tanner J. Fox has done a good job of putting together this course and it includes plenty of unique advice and tips which won’t be found elsewhere.
  • There are inherent weaknesses in the Amazon FBA business model such as what happens if you have taken an order and can’t supply the product, finding and negotiating with a reliable supplier and solving problems without farming your reputation. I found Amazon Seller Mastery to be a little bit lacking in advice on how to solve these issues. For the price of this course, I would expect more innovative solutions to what are now long-standing problems.
  • There are criticisms online that Amazon Seller Mastery is lacking in certain areas, particularly in detailing how to grow your business and scalability. Also, there are comments that some of the topics taught are not up to date and are of limited value. These may be fair things to mention, but it is the nature of these type of courses to be limited in what can be included in the course material. In my opinion, many of these issues are dealt with by the fact that you can email Tanner directly to question him on your concerns. And…yes he does answer!

There are many good things (and one or two not so good) things to say about Amazon Seller Mastery. Please keep reading while I give you my final verdict on this product’s viability.

What are Others Comments about Tanner J. Fox’ Amazon Seller Mastery?

I have given you my honest review about the Amazon Seller Mastery Course and I came to a positive conclusion. I enjoyed the course and believe it contains useful content and provides good value.

However, I always like to find some other people’s opinions. We can’t all agree on everything and it would be a boring world if we did. I would like to share some of the information that I found with you here

I had some luck finding feedback on Facebook Groups, message boards and on some other review sites. They were of frankly mixed value, as some folks seem to have an agenda.

Some people appear to be representing a rival product and some are just trying to make affiliate sales. It can be hard to know who is being honest. Some of the best opinions I found were on Reddit and YouTube. Most people seemed to give honest and informative feedback:

I hope that this will assist you in making your choice for a good business course. The investment in time and money means it is important to make the right choice, the first time.

Amazon Seller Mastery – In Conclusion

I thought there was a lot to like when I studied this course. Tanner J. Fox comes across as credible and I especially enjoyed his video content. There is a great 24/7 group where you can get help with any business issues you may face.

I don’t think any of the courses can be considered 100% perfect and possibly there are one or two areas which could be improved upon but overall I was happy with the content provided.

8.8Expert Score
Bottom Line

The Pro’s certainly outweigh the cons and if you want to learn about the Amazon FBA business model I have no hesitation in recommending Amazon Seller Mastery. It will be a wise investment.

Customer Experience
Things To Look Out For
  • Dozens of testimonials
  • Good Pricing
  • Good After Sales
Red Flags
  • Difficult to get refunds
  • Many unresolved complaints


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