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Wesley Virgin scams innocents online using his non-refundable course (Overnight Millionaire). Read about his fake reviews, connections with Indian scammers, and his criminal practices in this article.
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Wesley Virgin has been in buzz lately. You must’ve seen his YouTube ads, or his Instagram posts. The guy claims to teach people about a ‘millionaire mindset’ that can transform their lives.

At first, he seemed like a great guy to me. But when I bought his program and went through it, I realized it was full of nonsense. The worst part is, there was not a single review on the Internet that would say his program sucks.

So, I took it upon myself to do this research and you’d be fascinated to see how broad this guy’s scam is. From fake testimonials to paid reviews, this guy has done it all.

Useless Course With No Refunds

Overnight Millionaire Scam

Before I begin talking about his products, I must state that I had become a fan of this guy. He seemed like a genuine guy but the reality is different. I wanted him to be a legitimate entrepreneur and not a scammer.

You must’ve seen the infamous ad of Wesley’s “Overnight Millionaire”. This is a $37 product that is supposed to fix your mindset. However, his product is nothing more than a bunch of audio files and some videos filled with fluff.

There’s nothing good about his program. Most of the time, he yells at your face and whines about the world’s despair. That’s why I was highly disappointed to see the internet filled with positive reviews of this product. I knew something was up.

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You might think, “$37 isn’t a lot, why worry this much?” To that, I tell you, this isn’t his only product. Wesley has many other information products, Online Millionaire Mastery, Millionaire in Training InnerCircle, and others.

He uses this cheap product to upsell you so you’d buy these expensive products. In other words, his ‘Overnight Millionaire’ program is a trap. In the end of this program, you’d realize that you didn’t get any value from it and then Wesley will tell you to buy his other products so you can get ‘more value’.

He had released a fitness product called ‘Fat Decimator’ some time ago. He claims that it sold thousands of copies within a day, but there’s no proof of that. I won’t discuss much about that product, because if I did, this article would become too long.

In conclusion, you shouldn’t waste your money on Wesley’s products. You can get more value from those motivation videos you see online.

Fake Testimonials & Paid Shoutouts

Coffeezilla Exposes Wesley Virgin

(Video taken from Coffeezilla’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2BCT01STn8)

Indian Scammers Behind Wesley’s Fraudulent Practices

Embien.in (Embien Creative)

Paras Kalra: CEO Of The Scam Agency

Embien Creative is a marketing company based in Jalandhar, India. They have admitted to helping Wesley Virgin post fake reviews, create fake accounts on Quora/Reddit, and scam people online.

This firm has rebranded itself recently from “embien.co”, to “embien.in”, as people were calling them out as the scammers they are.

They are still working with Wesley to bury the abundance of evidence against these scammers and target more innocents.

A lawyer based in USA exposed Embien Creative and Paras Kalra on controversial website GripeO.

Here is the report submitted by Marcus Hunt, the lawyer who helped expose Paras Kalra and Wesley:

Our team looked into Wesley Virgin after we found out about them through a Wesley Virgin review online. Me and three of my colleagues happily volunteered to research and help me find who really is behind the Wesley Virgin scam. Because all the things he have pulled off require some technical knowledge and effort, and Wesley Virgin clearly lacks both. After 30+ hrs of research, here’s what we found:

The Team Behind The Wesley Virgin Scam:

This is the team of online marketers who are behind all the fake reviews, fake quora answers and fake comments pointed out in the viral Wesley Virgin review. It is an agency based in India named “Embien” (embien.co).


Embien Creative scam

If you scroll down at the bottom of Wesley Virgin, then you can find the “Designed by Embien” Tag there (if they haven’t removed it after this post). I’ve attached a screenshot right above.

They are extremely dangerous and experienced scammers!

The USA contact number they have is “+1 845-789-4373”. This number has been in use for a CashApp scam since May 27. These scammers helped Wesley Virgin to get fake reviews, comments and Quora answers online.

Tactics Used By Embein.co to promote fake Wesley Virgin Review Articles & Posts

They have possibly hired 3rd party freelance writers for cheap rates, who write keyword based posts & articles for Wesley Virgin. Here’s an example below:

They bold phrases are the keywords they want that post to rank for. How do I know this? Because I’ve made the mistake of hiring a Pakistani Marketing Agency for my brand and they did the exact same thing.

This is a very common theme in every fake post on Wesley Virgin!

Wesley Virgin and his team will do anything to hide this information, because they don’t want you all to know the faces behind this scam. Please upvote this answer, share it and help make the internet a safer place for all of us!

Fake Profiles, Fake Answers, & Criminal Marketing

Deceptive Marketing On Quora

Wesley has used the popular social media platform Quora, as his primary tool to dupe people. To create fake buzz and spread lies about his products, he created fake accounts on this platform and used them to ask and answer questions.

Quora is a social media platform where you can ask people questions and get answers. It became popular because its users provide detailed answers to the questions.

And like other social media platforms, it faces the problem of bots and fake accounts as well. Wesley took advantage of this system and created multiple accounts to talk about his products there.

I found 3 suspicious accounts on Quora. How do I know they are fake accounts? For starters, all of these accounts only ask and answer questions about Wesley Virgin. Yes, they don’t talk about anything else. The first account is under the Debora G Davila. And you can see in the screenshot below how this account has only asked questions about Wesley’s products.

That whole account talks about Fat Diminisher, which was Wesley’s previous product. He used this account to ask all kinds of questions about his program. He used the same account to answer questions related to this product.

His second account is under the name Len Brown. He has done the same thing with this account, i.e. asked and answered questions about his product.

The last profile I’ll mention is Lohith Md. This account has the same issue, it only talks about Wesley’s products. This account only has 4 answers and all of them are about his products.

You must’ve noticed a common theme in all of these articles. They all praise Wesley’s products. They don’t criticize them one bit. Some of these answers have even links to his course, so a person would just read those sugar-coated words and buy his product immediately.

Wesley has put in a lot of effort into deceiving people and spread fake information about his products so people get fooled easily.

His method of promoting his product is immoral and unethical. Obviously, he is lying about it so that he can rip off other people and fill his pockets. All of the accounts I’ve mentioned here praise Wesley’s product as if there’s nothing better on the internet. I have added links to these Quora accounts in the references, you can check them out yourself.

He hasn’t stopped here, he has paid others to write fake reviews of his program too. In the next section, I’ve focused on his affiliate reviews:

Manipulating & Misleading Innocents

Affiliate Reviews & Posts

Wesley Virgin has paid dozens of blogs to write “honest” reviews of his Overnight Millionaire program. All of these reviews are portrayed as honest however, ALL of them are actually sponsored by Wesley himself. He is aware of the quality of his product, and that’s why he is paying off so many reviewers to post fake reviews on his product. I’ve mentioned only a few of the many websites that are part of his scandal.

I don’t hate affiliate marketers, but in none of Wesley’s reviews, these guys are claiming to be an affiliate of his product. Why? Because then you will realize why these authors are praising him like a god.

Jefflenny Review:

This is the review that convinced me to buy the Overnight Millionaire system. I had no idea that Jeff is part of the Wesley Virgin affiliate marketing scam. In the review, Jeff says he bought and tested the Overnight Millionaire system and then wrote the review. But it is more likely that he was contacted by Wesley and he got a deal to promote his product. I don’t have any problem with affiliate marketing, however, claiming that you are “reviewing” the product and then adding an affiliate link is just fraud. Nowhere in his article Jeff says he is marketing Virgin’s product. Why? Because he doesn’t want you to know that, because then you won’t be fooled by his sweet words.

Jeff has cited a Forbes article in this review, and if you click on the link you see that Forbes has actually removed that article. Why? Because it was paid PR done by one of the contributors of the site and Forbes noticed what was going on.

What Jeff is claiming is that the overnight Millionaire program is better than any self help book, any seminar, any course online and “everything else you can think of “. As you read the article you see that Jeff has actually put up a promo of expensive headphones as well, What better can we expect from a guy who is a sellout.

You can actually see that Jeff is using a tracker on the “Get Started Now” button and “pick it up now”. Shameless Jeff is acting as if he is writing a honest review, all while trying his best to convince you to buy Virgin’s product through his link. All just to make a quick buck off naive people. In my eyes, this is nothing but a total scam, and you know what, Wesley has a dozen more of such reviewers who are promoting his trash secretly.

After you click on the button, you are redirected to the Overnight Millionaire website. But wait, there’s something weird about the URL. Taking a closer look, you can see it has an affiliate link tracker. Well done Jeff, you’ve fooled all your readers, brilliant!

The Net Nickles Review:

Oh, did you think that was all, I wish it was, but Wesley’s affiliate scandal is unbelievably elaborate. Netnickles dot com has a review of Wesly’s Overnight Millionaire program as well. And just like Jeff’s review, it is a sellout too.

The author explains the program like it’s the best thing that has ever happened to humanity and how Wesley is the best person in the whole wide world. He literally says “Wesley is a master at creating funnels”. I won’t waste your time by highlighting every time the NetNickles author licks Wesley’s boots.

What I found really funny were some of the comments on this review. Readers noticed the abnormal amount of praise in the review and pointed it out. And when they did that, Aron (the author) got really angry. Here’s a screenshot:

Smart? I don’t think so. Short tempered? Most likely.

Scotty Newkirk Review:

Out of all the affiliate scams of Wesley, this one got the most backlash. The reasons can be many, however, one that I think got the readers most angry was the shameless links. Scotty has literally added the affiliate link 7 times in the whole review!!! Have some dignity Scotty, you are better than this.

Here are all the times, Scotty has put in Virgin’s link on this review:

If you click on any of the 7 mentions, you are going to be redirected to the Overnight Millionaire landing page (which itself, looks like something out of 1999). And if you take a closer look, you will see the affiliate tracker in the URL:

Scotty has given Virgin’s program a whopping 4.5 out 5 stars, is it really that good? Short answer, nope. Long answer, he is getting paid a lot for saying this.

Here are some comments that clearly expose the Wesley Virgin affiliate scam on Scotty Newkirk’s review:

It seems “Scottdawg” isn’t the clever fox, Wesley thought he was when he contacted him to become a part of his scandal.

YourPositiveReality Review:

Just like the rest of the so-called “reviews”, this one is also full of praise and fancy words to fool the reader. If you hover your cursor over to the “get access now” button on this review, on Chrome, you can see the link is displayed in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Zoom in a little and you can see that it is again, a tracking URL. Click on this and you’ll be quickly redirected to the Overnight Millionaire landing page:

As you can see at the top, there’s a link tracker here as well.

CyberCashWorldWide Review:

At the first glance, this website can convince anyone that they are legit. This website gives the Overnight Millionaire program a 4.5 rating out of 5, but here’s the catch, it is a part of the Wesley Virgin affiliate scandal as well. If you dig deeper, you can see the same pattern of affiliate marketing here as well.

Untappedreviews Review:

Oh I wish it was over, but this guy just keeps on going with his scams. By the time I stumbled upon this review, my mind had already noticed the common theme among these fake reviews.

I hovered my cursor over to the lack-luster “GET INSTANT ACCESS!” button and guess what, a tracking link. Click on this one and again, you are redirected to the landing page.

Notice the tracking tag in the URL:

This one gets even uglier with the obviously spam comments:

SmartWebpreneur Review:

When you open the review, one button is really highlighted.

And just like before, this one is also a Wesley Virgin sponsored post:

Marketwatch review:

This one is something else. I present to you, the review of Overnight Millionaire by none other than the owner himself, Wesley Virgin. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this post. Mr. Virgin himself writes a review of his program, although I highly doubt that he actually sat down to write this, he probably outsourced this one.

I honestly can’t say whether Wesley posted this himself or got one of his scammers to post this one, as the review is said to be posted via Comtex. Anyways, here’s the proof of trackers in this one:

It’s funny how he hyperlinks his program 4 times consequently and people still think he is a legit guy.

Medium Review:

Yeah, this guy didn’t even leave Medium alone.

Trying to Scam Forbes (2nd attempt):

Now we all know Wesley heavily relies on bribing the media. He tried to get a fake review posted on Forbes before but failed, but then a guy came and helped him out (in exchange of $$$$).

Meet Kurt Cagle. The guy who interviewed Wesley Virgin and put it on Forbes. Just by taking a quick glimpse at that interview, you can see it has been constructed to promote Wesley’s brand and provide nothing of value. Forbes is not a scam like Virgin, they care about their readers. And when they noticed what Kurt was doing, they fired him.

Please don’t feel any sympathy for this guy, he probably got paid thousands of dollars just for posting this interview on Forbes.

As you can see here, Kurt has been tagged as a “former contributor” on his Forbes page.

Burying Critical Videos On YouTube

Wesley has been bombarding his channel with some unique videos recently. As you can see in the image above, all of his recent videos have titles like “Is Overnight Millionaire a scam?”. Weird isn’t it? Not really. See, he is trying to pushdown the real critical reviews of his program away from the 1st page of Google/YouTube. This is a common tactic used by many of the online scammers.

Better Business Bureau: 

Better Business Bureau is one of the most reputed sites on the web. This is one place that Wesley couldn’t extend his scandal and as you can see, he has a 1 out 5 rating here. However, this important page has been pushed down by the fake reviews of Wesley Virgin. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wesley Virgin a scam?

Yes! He has been posting fake quora answers, paying review writers to write fake reviews about his products and making a fool out of people for many years now. Fat diminisher was one of his first programs, for which he made fake accounts everywhere and wrote fake testimonials. However, even after his desperate efforts, the program failed miserably. He is now selling a program called “Overnight Millionaire”, he has paid off dozens of review websites to write fake reviews on his product. Don’t believe me? Read the whole review and you’ll know the truth.

How much is Wesley Virgin worth?

You will find many different sources, some say he’s worth barely a million, while some even claim his net worth to be around $25 million. However, honestly, his net worth can’t be more than $1 million. He’s just like every other fake internet guru who fake their wealth and scam desperate people online.

What is Overnight Millionaire?

Overnight Millionaire is a self-help program made by Wesley Virgin. This program contains fluff content which you have heard a thousand times from YouTube videos and it provides no value. The program makes unbelievably stupid claims like changing your mindset overnight and thus making you rich. Trust me, it’s all nothing but exaggerated lies.

How did Wesley Virgin get rich?

By scamming people with his fat diminisher product and providing useless affiliate marketing products. He used to run Facebook ads for the “health supplement” companies and earn commissions from them. After a while, he started selling his own fat loss program, for which he wrote fake quora answers and got fake reviews done on it.

Who is Wesley million dollar virgin?

Wesley Virgin (@wesleymilliondollarvirgin) is an internet self-help guru, who is targeting desperate people during the Coronavirus pandemic. He is trying to take advantage of the vulnerable people and earn money off their innocence.

What does Wesley Virgin do?

He is a self-help guru. He posts the motivational videos everywhere (like Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone). He is famous for running ads, displaying fake wealth and scamming people.

How can I be a millionaire overnight?

No, you can’t. But Wesley Virgin claims that from an unemployed bum, he became a millionaire in 1 month!!! He shows no evidence for this claim and hopes that his naive followers believe him.

What is the fastest way to get rich?

Work hard, stay disciplined and improve. Follow people like Matt D’avella, Napoleon Hill and Cal Newport.


Wesley Virgin Review 2021

As you can see, this guy has been getting away with a huge online scam for years. He has tried every tactic in the book to promote his horrible products. If a guy is spreading so much propaganda, then it’s obvious that his product isn’t what he says it is.

I strongly advise you to stay away from Wesley Virgin and all of his products including the ‘Overnight Millionaire’ program. Don’t trust anything this guy says. After all, how could you trust a guy who has only told lies everywhere?

Wesley is selling a ‘get rich quick’ scheme and you shouldn’t fall for that.

If you believe what I’m saying, then make others aware of this scam too. You can share it with others and expose Wesley’s scam. He has spent a lot of money to cover up his tracks but that doesn’t mean he can hide the truth. Spread the word.

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  1. Wesley Virgin is finished, he has been exposed to shreds by experts online. Only delusional fools are supporting him, who have paid thousands of dollars in hopes of changing their lives. Such a sad sight.

    Mogul Productions is a recent Crypto scam, I’m here to warn you guys about it. Please do not trust any websites promoting it, this is a literal scam!


  2. I bought into the dishonest program the Genie Strip on the Done For You services on a ZOOM call and they were selling it for $250.00 on Nov 25th the took two payments out of my account and have not placed it back into my account as of this writing Dec 24th, 2020 this is one day from a month. When I first asked them about the double payment I was told it would take about 4-6 days but it could take a little longer. A week is so later during an email conversation I was told that the program cost $1000.00 and I got a 50% discount and no refund was due. After several more emails, I was told that they can’t find the payments that were made and now they have to reach out to Wesley Virgin and give him the email that I sent them which had so choose words in it. They said that he would have to check the master merchant. So going from they will refund me in a week are so to not having a refund due to not being able to find the payment and have to check their master merchant account. And this is not the only issue I had with them I tried to buy one of his programs and the website wouldn’t let me go thew it without paying for all the upgrade which was four all together the gave me two payment back and I had to place fraud with my credit card and got the third one back. Now it’s looking like I’ll have to do the same with this one

  3. This bum ripped me off for a total of $187, got me warned several times by Facebook, and temporarily restricted by Instagram! I got a 143 hits on Digistore24 that was supposed to pay me around $29K and got nothing!
    Genie Script Works (Converts)*Net per sale

    Wesley Billion Dollar Virgin did it again!

    Grab Your Affiliate Link – Send Traffic – Cash In!

    Earnings*: ca. $46.94**
    Your promolink:
    Price: average $52.14 Commission: 80% Earnings/Sale**: ca. $46.94 net Earnings/Cart visitor**: $3.43 Vendor: geniescriptworks Created: 16 weeks ago Billing types: Single payment Sales rank: 3help Cart conversion**: 12.0% Cancellation rate**: 10.3%
    This bum should be doing time in federal prison for all the people he victimized!!!

  4. who are any of you to talk shit about him? he must be doing something correct to have what he has. he is making his living doing his thing. we are all sinners, no one is better than no one. you bought one of his programs and didn’t like it so what. doesn’t mean it did not work for him or others. you guys are all pathetic. get a life. leave people alone. and worry about your own lives. don’t be jealous of Wesley Virgin. who ever started this page is all wrong and fucked up. its funny. you probably love him and are mad so your trying to get back at him . evil never wins. remember that. it may seem like it at times but not in the end. for get about Wesley and go live your lives .

  5. I’m a victim of Wesley’s horrible scam! Please don’t buy this course.

  6. Yeah sure Jana, or should I say “Rekha”, the “SEO” specialist from Embien.co. Don’t you guys have a life? Oh sorry, actually scamming innocent people by posting fake positive reviews is how you earn your money right? “Stop calling him a scam”, would we stop calling a donkey a donkey if a couple of low-life Indian scammer asks me to? Nope, we won’t.
    He is a scammer and there’s a ton of proof, just scroll up! Stop posting FAKE reviews to fix this fraud’s name online, he has been exposed.

  7. I want to say one thing wesley is not a scam. He is a good teacher I have watched him from youtube. He is a reliable guy and trustful person. So this bad review doesn’t mean that much who really done the course.

  8. Wesley Virgin Is a great guy He is serving all his method in front of world for such a poor price. He is also uploading his videos at Youtube. Where he is giving free method. And one thing if you don’t want to buy his course then please don’t buy. But please don’t call him scam.

  9. I I was laying in bed one day scrolling through Instagram and I saw Wesley Virgins Ads. The energy output from this guy piqued my interest. I first paid $37 USD for the “mind hacks” and ended up being up sold for about $380 USD that night. A couple days later I was called by one of Wesley Virgins reps and was sold a “Done for you” package. Before I get off into that, I want to say I APPLIED what I was being told in the initial videos (the affirmations product specifically) and in 4 DAYS manifested a brand new vehicle!! Which, is a completely separate story in and of itself.
    Anyway, I get up-sold on the “Done for You Service” ($500 USD) only to find out, to use the “Pixels” (a marketing tool) I would have to pay an additional $250 USD to get my 2nd chance capture page up. Paid that, only to find out I would have to spend an additional $999 for the Facebook Mastery class. After I coughed that up… My first day of launching my ads I got sales. About $ 80 USD worth. I made a little over 500 in profit my first month after I paid google ads. In the Facebook training class (there were 16 of us total including the woman Ariela) the instructor told us how meditation makes the difference between a wantrepreneur and an entrepreneur.
    Thing is; I have been in sales 22 years. It takes a certain mindset to step out on faith and FOLLOW THROUGH with it. 80% of the worlds billionaires were in sales first. Because we train our mind for rejection and finding the lesson in “supposed “ failures. THATS WHY spent out like I did. Wesley Virgin is not the most articulate person I have ever seen marketing, but I trusted his energy and more importantly o trust MYSELF! For those who have complaints about anything Wesley is saying/doing .. they DID NOT APPLY. Your fault. This is an honest review.

  10. I’m waiting on a refund from these guys. not recommended.

  11. I need my refund!!! I bought the Overnight Millionaire for my cousin and it is absolute trash. I need my money back!

  12. Is Wesley A scammer???
    HELL YESS, he is a cheap scammer ladies and gentelmen.

  13. I first heard of WV when he was selling his product on ClickBank. I never bought it but I wrote a blind review. Twice I had to change the affiliate links from the first ClickBank and then DigiStore24. It’s funny how they removed his product from both.

    Also, his Fat Diminisher I was going to review as my site ranked for Wesley Virgin but just as well I suppose. Although I definitely think there is something to manifestation. Also, what he says about there being a secret government mind control program that I actually believe as well but whether his products work I guess I can only take people on heres word for it.

  14. This isnt a scam….Many programs arent for everyone but people need to find something that works for them. All results are different one has to keep at it…. He also has other businesses….THere is a lot to learn from him…if he isn’t for you just keep it moving

  15. This is mari. I was reading this blog where I found that you are talking like wesley is a scammer. But I have one thing to say. It doesn’t mean that everyone can earn that much. I can understand that the caption of this course is like scam. But it is not a scam. If anyone can set his mind they can earn more and more.

  16. Embien.co is the agency that works for Wesley Virgin, they were busted by my friend who is an intellectual lawyer. But those guys mass reported him on Quora and took down his profile.

    These are highly experienced scammers and they are only good at one thing: POSTING FAKE 5STAR Reviews. They are doing this exact thing on another forum here: http://www.gripeo.com/wesley-virgin-review/

    Be careful, and avoid these scumbags

  17. You are not going to see any honest reviews of Wesley Virgin which praise him. DOZENS of YouTubers have busted his scam, multiple sites have verified him as a scammer, but his marketing team is going to drive you crazy with fake reviews with fake names claiming how good his product is. Trust me, they are fake, my pal exposed them but he was shut down by them through mass reporting. Please avoid this scammer, do not let these scumbags take advantage of you and manipulate you.
    I have bought his garbage course and program, I have receipts order ID everything, and this is the worst purchase of my life.

  18. That’s what I’m talking about. I left a whole review on how I manifested a car from the affirmations course. I also became #1 in my company, blah blah blah. It works if you work it. It’s that simple. Wesley is giving up good game. Some people are just not far enough in their development to be accountable.

  19. I was on youtube and searching for some videos of online earning. Suddenly I watch the video of Wesley. I watch every single video and found it like it was a scam. But I was thinking often that the course charges a little amount of money so I bought the course. Done everything well and It really helps a lot. I must thank Wesley for the millionaire course.

  20. I bought that programm and really it didn’t give me nothing then waste of time and 37$. There’s nothing new how to change your mind what I already didn’t know and way too much talking about his personal life (which could be a fairytale). I’m 100% sure that ppl could find information for free about positive mindset. Luise L. Hay, Abraham Hicks, affirmations , meditation, breathing methods etc.-real mind exercises. Everyone could find their own way which suit them. It’s really individual. Wesley presented himself with a lot of screaming at videos- passive aggressive behavior and playing with ppl feelings about his “past experiences”.

  21. I watched his Youtube videos and thought he was ok too. BUT, one I tried indigital works.com now I can not even sign in to the account I set up and just received an email from Gumroad telling me that my account was closed. So my feeling on this, do not trust what he says.

  22. So Its sad to see all you calling him a Scam!!!! The only scam here is your 9-5 job!! If you want to go to work and make someone else rich and listen to them telling you what to do than You are the one being scammed by a boss! See the problem with you skeptic people is that you have been so conditioned by society to only accept what society claims “whats Normal” in the world! You won’t think outside the box and try something different and if you bought the program and it didn’t work, that means you didn’t do it correctly! So how are you going to call it a scam when you didn’t even do the program correctly? This program doesn’t show you how to create a business its to get your mindset right so you can be successful in business because you can’t have success unless your mindset is right! It goes hand and hand! This program has worked wonders for me and has changed my view and perspective on how I should manifest everything! I was able to manifest money, a promotion, and so on, and IM A REAL CUSTOMER and NOT A FAKE! So as long as you keep being a skeptic and calling everything a scam then you will never get anywhere in life because skeptism is really fear!

  23. This program is suppose to everything for you. You make money while you sleep. I been in the program 2 weeks. I made nothing. Service was poor. They you the round around. I will be filing scam claim against them. Fake business.

  24. He scammed me too for over $800 and a coach of his logged into my Facebook ad account and ended up getting all of them banned including my actual business. Ads are the lifeblood of my business. After that happened they stopped responding to me. And would not help me. They ripped me off badly. It felt like rape. Do not let him trick you.

  25. I bought the 37.00$ program and everyone is sooo right it’s bad.. Didn’t make me want anything else.. Videos off you tube audio not matching.. All done with an iphone which is insane all by itself.. I realized fast that the testimonials he has on his channel were fake.. Now he is doing videos and telling people he will do it for them for 99.00$ for facebook instagram and more.. Like Fiverr only his way.. I’m sure it’s all outsourced.. He’s all about money and he’s making it.. More I could say, I’ll leave it here.. Stay Away..

  26. I m an affiliate marketer and nowadays I m promoting overnight millionaire program from Digistore but after seeing this article I stopped promoting this product

  27. I want to get rich and saw Wesley virgins ad on YouTube. But I don’t want to lose money after reading these posts. Can anyone tell me if I should buy Wesley Virgin’s program?

  28. @MOHD. IRFAN
    I really don’t think so dude. Don’t risk it

  29. @ANDY TAYLOR, did your friend get a refund yet? Like an idiot I bought the overnight millionaire and I don’t like it one bit. It is all the usual crap every self help guru says. I want a refund but I really don’t think I’ll get it now. Did anyone get a refund from this guy???

  30. I listened to his wealth visuals product and I had heard it all before from real self help gurus. The difference being that Wesley showed signs of gaslighting in his. A sure sign of dishonesty. As for his overnight millionaire product. To cut a long story short, i lost my FB account permanently and £590. I asked for a refund and had the phone put down on me. I urge everyone to stay well clear of anything to do with Wesley Virgin.

  31. I really believed in Wesley and Ariella Iorio’s course … well I did not reach and throw money after them ????
    But now I have a really bad conscience over I have shared Wesley’s affiliate links to a lot of Facebook groups !!!

  32. I just bought Wesely Virgin, it is a disappointment. It is not even a training. It is a daily vlog with selfie video from his bed room. Seriously. And the videos are 3 minutes and 8 minutes. There is nothing secret about his program. He spent more time creating a deceiving video that the program itself. His voice is so boring he shouts and his messages are disjointed. It is a big lie even to call them a program. I lost my $37. He must be banned from Google and other platforms. he is running a scam. I wish i could post some of his videos online.. so disappointing. Dont buy them unless you want to waste your money. The best way to be a millionaire is by using free material. Buying these days seems like a desire to take shortcut and people like Wesely Virgin know that and they scam people who need filtered information.

  33. The program is not nearly as good as he claimed in the video. He does not give any good advise or tools to become rich. My friend isn’t even getting a refund on his purchase now. Wesley is talking next-level bullcrap in the program.
    It’s unreal.
    Not recommended at all!

  34. SAw his intro video and knew what he was lading up to and i guessed the price $999 ! Now one thing he said that did make me think about the way i respond to stuff…’sell a cheap offer say $29 and it is the poorer people who will jump at it . ‘ He knows who to target alright and how with his $999 offer (thousands of $s off of course) he gets folks to max their credit cards. Surely their is a law against such false claims and deception ! God bless this reviewer and all of you ????

  35. You have got to be kidding me! Wesley is such an obvious scammer. What’s all the fuss about? My pal send it to me and the way he put it, I thought this was going to be an amazing discovery type of article. I can’t believe people still fall for this crap. Sigh

  36. Why does a “millionaire” have to get fake reviews written about his product?! I know why, it’s cuz the program is garbage. If you have a good quality product, people will give it good ratings, you won’t have to buy them off. The mere fact that this guy paid off DOZENS of blogs, proves that whatever he’s selling is total [email protected] How can you even fall for such an obvious scam like “Overnight Millionaire”? Maybe this guy is just really good at manipulating a lotta people through his ads. Good post, shared.

  37. Me and my friends were thinking about getting Wesley Virgin’s program. One each, so that we can focus on self-improvement and become rich. But after seeing the kind of shady stuff he’s doing, I would rather not support this guy. This thing really opened my eyes, I guess I was too naive. I’m going to be much more skeptical about these kinds of self-help guys in future. Thanks for saving us tons of money ????, I really mean it pal!

  38. I bought the Overnight Millionaire program after seeing constant ads for it. Through the tacky ads, Wesley really got me interested in getting the program. The program seemed a little different than what most of these “self-help gurus” sell. But I was wrong here. I already meditated and this guy talked about its benefits! His ads were great, but the program itself was total BS!

    He sends you some audio files through email and you can download them and listen to them. They are definitely not worth the money, trust me. I was really disappointed with the program but decided to finish it before asking for a refund. But I just couldn’t get any value out from it. Guys like Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy have covered all the things Wesley talks about years ago. He teaches nothing new unlike what he claims.

    I finally decided to ask for a refund when I realised buying the Overnight Millionaire program was a mistake. However this is where Wesley Virgin scammed me. When I asked for a refund, THEY DIDN’T RESPOND TO ME! I waited two days before sending them another email. But no response. Now I had accepted the fact that I got scammed. It’s been a week and I haven’t received any kind of response from Wesley Virgin or his customer service staff. It’s fascinating how stealing refunds is not the worst thing he’s doing. I’m glad someone showed the truth about this scammer to all the people. On the positive side, I only lost $37, I could have lost a lot more had I bought one of his more expensive products. I would advise everyone to stay away from Wesley Virgin. He may claim that he has a refund policy,but in reality he just doesn’t do refunds. If a guy can pull off a scam like this, then he’s a dangerous person who should be avoided at all costs. If he has put this much effort into making a good product instead of getting fake reviews done, then maybe this guy would have been awesome. Well the reality is that Wesley Virgin is a scammer, whether we like it or not. Please don’t waste your money on a valueless scammer when there is much better free content online on blogs etc

  39. This guy is actually running various sales campaigns while there are people protesting for basic human rights. How can someone be this sadist?! Wesley Virgin claims to be such a rich guy and he did NOTHING FOR US! There are people getting killed and all you want to do is make money. Shame on you Wesley, shame on you.

  40. I’m going anonymous for obvious reasons. He even contacted me on my business email
    requesting a fake Wesley Virgin review. He offered to pay me some good amount of cash on top
    of an affiliate opportunity, all I had to do was write a review of the Overnight Millionaire and post
    it on my blog. I run a course review blog and I have some good amount of organic traffic and I
    value my readers a lot, that’s why I politely denied his request. I never thought that this would be
    a scandal of this magnitude. Damn.

  41. This guy should be arrested for fraud and misleading his fans. I always thought that his products
    must be fantastic and I almost bought this program, but you saved me! I would’ve ended up
    wasting a ton of money on this scumbag. Boycott his Overnight Millionaire programm, we need
    to show his reality to others before they throw away their money.

  42. Wesley has been trying to make it into the self-help bubble for a long time now, but stop with all this! YOU CANNOT SCAM PEOPLE AND GET AWAY WITH IT MR. WESLEY VIRGIN. You are trying to sell people your fake program during the riots and protests!? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU MAN!

  43. I’ve been meaning to ask this question for a long time. I had bought Overnight Millionaire and
    quite frankly, I didn’t know he was a scammer until I bought his product. IT IS TRASH!!
    I believe it was my worst purchase ever. I tried to get a refund from him but I didn’t get any
    responses. I’ve been wondering if Wesley ever refunds anyone’s money. After reading the
    experiences of everyone here I think Wesley is just a scammer. Is there any possible way to
    make Wesley Virgin refund my money?

  44. What a sad state our world is in??
    We literally have people falling for a Wesley Virgin scam every day!!
    These people should be thrown in jail for running these scams. He thinks he’s really smart. We
    have sleazy marketers like Wesley billion dollar Virgin who make millions by fooling others and
    then claim to ‘teach’ others how to make those millions then repeat. This is a cycle I’ve seen
    everywhere on the internet. I bet he’s scammed hundreds of people with his ‘flashy cars and
    stupid ads.

  45. Reply
    Please help the victims January 10, 2021 at 1:51 pm

    Thank you for writing this Wesley Virgin review. I had seen his ad a couple of times and I was
    wondering if the guy is legit or not. It’s sad that we have people running such malicious scams
    online in this day and age. Even his product’s name “Overnight millionaire” sounds like a scam. I
    can’t thank you enough for saving my money ????

  46. Reply
    Wesley is a scammer January 20, 2021 at 1:51 pm

    I watched his video on youtube and saw that you can make money online by posting google pics and of someone clicks on it you get paid….lies. When I clicked on the link I was immediately redirected to a youtube done for you service program. I thought this was kind of weird because its not what I wanted and it had nothing or little to do with posting pics and making money online but thought maybe this is what I have to do first in order to do this. Welp…I was wrong. Dont bother calling the customer service line because you’d be lucky to get someone online. I got in contact with just 3 affiliates of his and all told me I’d get my money back but nothing was ever done. I guess they’re waiting till time past 60 days and then you cant get your money back. I even saved and screenshot the return policy but yet I was told I cant get my refund even though I was told I can even before the 60 days are up. This is why I think all of us should build a class action lawsuit against him and his company. I will ne making a youtube video exposing him. Thats why I am so glad someone on youtube has sent me this link because this blog has put EVERYTHING into perspective and im very grateful for that. I will make videos one after another so that his so-called “good” review’s can be dumbed down and more and more people will know the truth as well save them the heartache. In times of this covid-19 crisis he actually does not feel ashamed to express his greed and disregards how people’s lives are at a brim just trying to survive and stay alive. We have families to feed but yet I sacrificed my last few dollars trying to make more. What a mistake and this I can say is my worst purchase ever. A scammer never gets too far. I wouldn’t hurt anyone ever but I wouldn’t even feel sorry for that virgin if someone had killed that man because he messed up alot of lives. Just sayin. ????

  47. 1.35
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    I had bought Wesley’s Overnight Millionaire some weeks ago. And I can say with 100%
    the certainty that his product is a sham.
    The guy is stealing from people. I was shocked to see so many positive reviews of such a
    horrible product online. Now I know why that’s happening. Wesley is paying people off to
    promote his product through lies. I really wish that I had read your article before.

    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  48. It’s appalling how this kind of scam is taking place. I find it hard to believe that there would be
    any legal action taken against this Wesley Virgin scam. But I want to thank whoever wrote this
    amazing piece of work, you saved many people from getting involved in the scam. I do
    understand that his Overnight Millionaire program costs only $37, but it is totally unethical to
    post fake reviews everywhere and try to hide the real reviews from the internet.

  49. Wesley billion dollar virgin, what a effin joke! Anyone can steal and rob people, this is what you are doing. Please stop scamming people, for these people even a dollar bill is worth a lot, and you need to realize this. How can you not have any kind of morals whatsoever?!

  50. I bought the Overnight Millionaire program from the official website after I saw an ad on FB, where this buff as heck guy was yelling about how miserable my life is if I don’t earn $10,000 per month doing pretty much nothing. I’m not kidding lol he literally said, “You are a loser if you are not making $10,000 doing nothing” He was quite entertaining, to be honest, and I decided to donate the 37 bucks he desperately needed. Cause man, you have to be really needing money if you have to make a joke of yourself on the internet for $37. So I bought the program and it was nothing like I expected it to be. In the ad, he was showing all these fancy cars and stuff like this other guy Tai Lopez, but his program, to be more specific “The Overnight Millionaire” program was really weird. It didn’t have any helpful videos. The whole program is just corny and cringy as heck. I couldn’t help but laugh during those so-called “meditation sessions”. Apparently, those meditation sessions are supposed to give you a “millionaire mindset” LMAO! Trust me, listening to a $hitty audio of a random guy from the internet is not going to help you become a millionaire in any way. You just have to spend less than you earn and you’ll see you are better off than you were before. I’m not a millionaire but I do financially well as a software consultant at a reputed tech giant. The Overnight Millionaire program is a useless product and I will advise everyone to actually avoid it. The biggest concern I have is that people will believe that the “mindset” that this Wesley guy is talking about is the actual “millionaire mindset”, while in reality you just need a ton of money. Most of these millionaires did not have poor parents man, just know that. Even these self-made guys in the industry had rich parents. Rich parents help you a lot. I did not have that luxury and honestly, I’m not a millionaire. I didn’t even try to get a refund for the [email protected] program, by the way, I know how these scams work. They take your money and when you ask for a refund because you saw their flashy “30-day money-back guarantee”, they start ghosting you.
    Anyways, I did get interested in this energetic Wesley Virgin guy, so I researched a little. And this guy has done so much scammy stuff that you won’t even believe half of it, but trust me, he has made these claims. Here are some I remember:
    1) He was a Navy SEAL
    2) He has a computer engineering degree
    3) He was fired from a tech giant company for some reason
    4) He is a single dad of 2 or 3.
    LMAO! I could not believe that he made all these claims but he has. Crazy isn’t it? There’s more. According to this Wesley Virgin review, he actually paid up popular bloggers to write fake reviews for his Overnight Millionaire program. This is not the only place I read this, he has actually been exposed by several people from the internet. Reading about all the nasty things this guy has done to “make it” in the self-help guru industry demands a slow-sarcastic applause. But Wesley, my guy, stop scamming people, it is not good! What do you think will happen? Do you expect to become the next Tai Lopez or the next Gary Vee? Whatever you wanna become, there are better ways to do it. Stop stealing people’s money, stop putting fake reviews online to fool your own fans, stop trying to hide the truth, face it like a man! I don’t even know if he’ll read this, but if he does I wanted to give him some tips. For you, all I have one advice, read the reviews online but pay close attention to the critical ones cause they might tell you something that’s more important than the sponsored 5 starred post. This concludes my Overnight Millionaire review, basically, this product is garbage and I won’t advise anyone to buy it. Getting it will be counter-productive, this program has some extremely wrong teachings!

  51. His programme screams scam if you listen to the ovwr night millionaire video there’s a point where it says something along the lines of are you tired of paying loads for programmes that are lies etc.. and makes you think you dont have to pay anything im pretty sure it even says you don’t have to pay anything then they just slam a price in there out of nowhere, now the copywriting technique used isn’t bad at all just a shame its used for such a malicious purpose i hope someone takes this guy to court and takes all of his money away from him.
    With the right amount of evidence that he’s a scammer and is commiting fraudulence I imagine it would not be too difficult for somebody with great influence and persuasion skills, heres to the world becoming a better place one day.

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